Get The Dunk Collection This Holiday Season

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Get The Dunk Collection This Holiday Season

Do you have a son that is in that ‘lazy’ stage. Where he doesn’t wanna clean his room, doesn’t wanna do homework, and even sometimes doesn’t even wanna shower? And you have tried everything to get him to do any of it, but maybe you gotta try and make certain chores ‘fun’. Not sure how to make taking a shower or cleaning a room fun? With products from The Dunk Collection, you can make it fun! The Dunk Collection offers 3 awesome products that’ll be great gift this holiday season. 

Get The Dunk Collection This Holiday Season

With The Dirty Dunk, you can make picking up dirty clothes of the floor into an awesome score keeping game! Before your child even knew it they would’ve picked up their entire room! The Dirty Dunk is an over-the-door basketball hoop laundry hamper. Kids will love it because it turns a chore into a game, mom and dads will love it because their children will pick up their dirty clothes. 

Get The Dunk Collection This Holiday Season

I actually had the chance in reviewing this particular product. It was very easy to hangover the back of the bedroom door. It securely hangs from your bedroom door with sturdy padded metal hooks. My youngest son enjoyed it right when we set it up for him. He didn’t even have many clothes on the floor but quickly went to go pick them up and see if he could make the shot depending how far away the piece of clothing was. 

Get The Dunk Collection This Holiday Season

The other two products The Dunk Collection offers is the Document Dunk. Which is a little trashcan basketball hoop, that is the perfect addition to any desk set up. It can be a help when picking up a little bit, see how many shots you can make! It is even a big hit with teachers, students already try to see if they can make their ball of paper into the trash can across the classroom, now make it even more fun with the Document Dunk. This is even a fun little gift for people who work in offices, bored at work?, Have a little fun before the boss sees!

Lastly, is the Scrub-a-Dunk. A bathtub basketball hoop that makes the perfect stocking stuffer! It suctions to your shower/bathtub wall so while your are showering or the kids are taking a bath, they can add a little fun to it! Sometimes for parents it can be hassle to get their kids to take a bath after dinner or after having a muddy play time outside. But with the Scrub-a-Dunk they will be wanting to take a bath just to play, but you’ll have to go in there and make sure they don’t waste time shooting hoops, your water bill might go up haha. 

I highly recommend The Dunk Collection this holidays season. This will make for the perfect gift for young and older teens. 

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