Getting The Family Involved With Saving The Environment

Everyone wants to live in a world that is friendly to the environment and healthy to live in. Our environment is suffering because of everything we humans put out into the air that is toxic to our planet, but that does not mean we are not trying to make the world a better, healthier place to live in. Many families are learning about the environment together in an effort to work together and make the world a cleaner place to live for themselves and future generations after them. Below are just a few ways families can work together to be more eco-friendly without completely forgoing their comforts in life.

1.) Stop using so many plastic sandwich bags

If you have kids or if you yourself pack your own lunch to take to work every day, then you know that you go through a great deal of bags in a very short amount of time. You can cut down on this type of waste by using washable aluminum or plastic containers that are big enough to fit your food and small enough not to get in the way. This will save your family money and the environment at the same time.

2.) Skip the juice boxes and fruit snacks

Juice boxes and fruit snacks that come individually wrapped really waste paper and the plastic harms the environment. Opt instead to use reusable sports cups when you are on the go and a non-disposable cup when you are at home. Instead of taking fruit snacks with you that come in individually wrapped packages, take fresh fruit with you! It is better for you and since it comes from the earth, it goes right back to the earth.

3.) Consider getting a hybrid car and a safe mattress

If you are like most American families, you may not be able to just go to a brand new auto dealership and buy a hybrid car meant to save the planet. However, you can do things like trade your car in and possibly get a hybrid for it. If you are not due for a trade-in option, you can still reduce how much gas you emit into the air by using the right oil in your car, properly inflate your tires, and keeping your car well-tuned up at all times.

A mattress that allows you to get your needful sleep is something you should consider also. You might say to yourself, “There is a mattress store near me where I can grab any old mattress.” But you need one that is safe and uses non-toxic materials. This would be good for you and the environment. Look for mattresses that use CertiPUR-US® Certified foam.

4.) Take your family for a walk

If you live in a place where things are near your home, do your best to walk to as many places as you can instead of driving. Not only does it get your family out and moving outside promoting health, but it saves on gas and help you cut down on how many pollutants you put into the air.

5.) Recycle as much as you can whenever you can

Most cities around the United States have their own recycling program so that you can just throw your recyclables in the can that they provide to you and let them do the rest. Even if your city does not have a designated program, you can still recycle the cans and glass bottles that you use on your own. Make it a family affair by turning it into a game. Every time someone recycles something the correct way, they get some type of point or reward which adds up to something they can use on a special treat.

You can even take your own home recycling program to the next level and start a compost program at home. You do this by throwing scraps of old vegetables and fruits and other food items except for meat and dairy into your garden which helps give your plants extra nutrients to thrive.

It can take a few weeks to learn how to recycle properly, and you may fail a few times before you get it right, but if you and your family make it fun and hold each other accountable, you can get the hang of it and be well on your way to making the world a greener place.

6.) Stop using all of those toxic household cleaners

These harsh cleaners may get your home super clean and are very easy to find at any store; however, they are very toxic for the environment. These chemicals can unnecessarily harm the atmosphere. You can instead use vegetable-based cleaners which will get your home just as clean without hurting the atmosphere in any way.

These are just a few ideas for you to help keep our world a safer and healthier place for all of us. 

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