Getting Your Car Ready For Warmer Weather

Your vehicles performance will all depend on the environment. Summer is coming and this is the best time for road trips and enjoying the overall freedom of driving. So if you have a lot of plans this summer and really want to So, if you want to boost your vehicle’s performance and safety, it’s time to put your plan into action and get your car ready for the new season coming. This sort list will help you with some of the most important maintenance you should take care of before summer.

Getting Your Car Ready For Warmer Weather

Preparing Your Vehicle for Summer  

  1. Check your battery. First thing you can do is to check your battery to make sure the fluid level is up to and where it should be. Making sure there is no leaking or discharge around the to of the battery. If you have a sealed battery then there is no need. This is for the traditional battery. If fluid levels are low have it filled.
  2. Air conditioning. Another big thing is to check that your A/C is running in tip top shape. You don’t want to be stuck in 90 degree weather with no A/C.  So to make sure that it’s working it’s best, simply turn it on and make sure it’s really giving off the proper cool amount of air flow. If it’s not really feel very powerful you can take it in to your local mechanic and have them take a look. 
  3. Windshield wipers. If you live were it snows I am sure you have had a long winter and so have your wiper blades. After all the snow scraping they can get very warn down, and it’s a good time to replace them. Fill up your windshield washer fluid and change out the blades. 
  4. Change the air filter. Your vehicle air filter stops the airborne particles that can interfere with your car’s operation and filters them out. When it gets dirty the performance is not at it’s maximum efficiency. Summer is the perfect time to change the air filter.
  5. Check coolant. Make sure your vehicles coolant levels are correct and the coolant is still fresh. Don’t wait till you reach hot weather as this can cause a lot of problems and expense.
  6. Check the tire pressure. Tire pressure changes about a pound per square inch with every 10 degree change weather outside. As small as it seems this can make a big difference. Keep the proper tire pressure is key in keeping your vehicle operating at maximum fuel efficiency. Plus this will help prevent blowouts and your tires will wear evenly. 
  7. Change the oil. Oil is one of the most important things in maintain your vehicles. It very important that you get your oil changed regularly! With summer coming it’s especially important that you get it done before. With hot summers months your engine is going to need good clean oil. 
  8. Top off fluids. While your at it be sure to have your car checked by a certified technician,  so they can top off all of your fluids. This is critical when temperature rise during the summer.
  9. Rotate your tires. If your not familiar with vehicles and how they perform than you might not know your car tires wear unevenly. So it’s best to get your tires rotated every 5,000 miles. If you have not already recently had it done, now is a great time before summer hits.  

These are not expensive maintenance tips for summer. However waiting on these important preventive steps can cause you to spend more money in the near future on bigger issues that can arise. So take care of them before summer is here.  

Are you ready to get your vehicle maintained and ready for summer road trips? Schedule an appointment with Dulles Kia Specialists for your Kia today!

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