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Queen Elizabeth took the throne of England in 1952, following the death of her father, King George VI. In 2012, she celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, the 60th anniversary of her reign. It’s only the second Diamond Jubilee in the history of the British kingdom. World leaders, diplomats, and even several businesses gave gifts to the Queen to mark this special occasion.

What’s more, it’s Her Majesty’s official 87th birthday soon, on 21st April, in fact. Apparently, President Obama sent the Queen a 1950s silver compact box for makeup from Tiffany & Co. The Emir of Kuwait bestowed Her Royal Highness with a set of expensive jewellery from his country. Not only that, the Queen also received a full set of Olympic medals from the International Olympic Committee – bronze, silver and gold.

The British government also named a portion of Antarctica (169,000 square metres – that’s almost twice the size of the UK!) in the Queen’s honour. The previously unnamed frozen land is now known as “Queen Elizabeth Land”.

But just because you aren’t President Obama, an ambassador or emperor, doesn’t mean you can’t buy Her Majesty something nice, too. And it needn’t cost an arm and a leg. But just what, exactly, should one give Her Majesty the Queen for her birthday? One could do worse than personalised gifts. Here are a few gift ideas Her Royal Highness will find irresistible…

Personalised Tea Set

She meets hundreds of people every year, and lives in grand palaces with servants forever at her beck and call, but in her private life, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II leads a solitary, rather run of the mill existence. The Queen loves a good old brew. Perhaps the chambermaid can serve Her Majesty her favourite beverage using a personalised tea set, that is to say one that features the Union Jack?

Birthday Edition Newspaper Book

Naturally, one would assume Her Majesty enjoys reading the paper considering she is the constitutional monarch of 16 sovereign states. But perhaps, on her birthday, she’d like to read all about what was happening on the day she was born, back in 1926. She’ll especially enjoy reading this alongside a nice cuppa, served in the set shown above. Smiley face.

Engraved Photo Frame

Let’s be honest. The Queen has a lot of family. What better place to display all those royal faces than in a lovely engraved photo frame? This one in particular can hold two photos in each of the three folding sides – how about her hubby and Prince Charles in the first section, Wills and Kate in the next and Prince William and Harry in the last one?

Original Newspaper

The Queen must be apt to a spot of reminiscing, whether it’s about World War I, when Titanic sank, school days or the first man on the moon. How about sending her an original newspaper from the day she was born?


Who doesn’t appreciate a splash of champagne? And the Queen is no exception. Apparently, Her Majesty enjoys a glass of bubbly in the evening. If you want Elizabeth to effervesce about your taste in fizz, look no further than personalised champagne.

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