Gifts For Kids That Will Get Their Creativity Flowing

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Gifts For Kids That Will Get Their Creativity Flowing


Buying for kids can sometimes be a tough task depending one thier age, and especially if it’s a child that not yours, that you may be gift giving to. Don’t worry I have you covered with some great gifting ideas for kids ages 10 plus that are fun, realistic, and promotes imagination and creativity.

My first idea and something that I also got my 11 year old is the Alex Toys Marker Magic Air Brush Studio. This toy lets kids create fun airbrushed artwork without using paint. It’s battery operated and has a compressor that blows the ink off of the washable markers, that creates a cool spray paint effect.

Gifts For Kids That Will Get Their Creativity Flowing

The Marker Magic Air Brush Studio comes equip with built-in marker storage and stencils too! This is everything kids need to create some new cool artwork.

The box includes:

  • Includes Air Brush Studio with built-in marker storage
  • 10 washable foam tip markers
  • 5 stencils
  • 10 sheets of paper

Gifts For Kids That Will Get Their Creativity Flowing

The next gift idea is the Scientific Explorer Get Glowing Science. This is a unique gift idea that is a lot of fun. In this kit, you everything needed to create an alternate source of light for a dark room. How cool is that? Kids can have fun experimenting with a black light, glowing bouncy balls, phosphorescent glow powder, glow sticks and glowing stickers.

Gifts For Kids That Will Get Their Creativity Flowing

With an easy to follow instruction booklet that kids through the steps of each experiment while teaching them the science behind them. This way they can fully understand the concepts and come up with experiments of thier own.

The box includes:

  • U.V. button light
  • crack and shake glow stick
  • sheet of glow stickers
  • ball mold,
  • 3 packs of glow-in-the-dark ball powder
  • plastic cup
  • 2 zip bags
  • instruction manual

Gifts For Kids That Will Get Their Creativity Flowing

The last gift idea, and one of my favorites as well, is the Grow Crystal Chemistry. This is a cool science kit that teaches you how to make your own crystals. Kids will love to stir up the magic powders with a little water, and add in the growing base and watch their own crystals grow. This gift will allow them to create stunning keepsakes. 

After making thier crystals they can put them on the color change base for a fun light show or to use as mood lighting for thier lab!

Box includes:

  • Light up display base
  • 5 growing bases
  • 5 growing cups
  • 5 colors of crystal powder
  • Stir stick
  • Instructions

Through interactive experiments and hands-on activities that help make learning fun Scientific Explorer kits help foster critical thinking skills, inspire imagination, and encourage exploration. Scientific Explorer is a member of the ALEX Brands Family.

You can purchase these toys and more at and most toy stores. 

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