Giving Back on a Limited Budget

Regardless of where you live, you don’t have to look far to see needs around you. Poverty probably lives down the street or across your town, but it can be challenging to make a difference when you’re already living on a tight budget.
However, you don’t need to feel defeated because you can’t make large cash donations to worthy organizations on a regular basis. You don’t have to have a huge charity budget line to make a big difference.

Give Your Time
One of the greatest gifts you can give has nothing to do with money. Donating your time won’t cost a penny, but it can change lives. In order to get the most from your volunteering experience, choose a cause that is important to you. Volunteer to walk dogs at your local animal shelter, tutor struggling readers after school or raise money for a new hospital wing.
When you donate your time, you are also setting an excellent example for your children, friends and other people who are around you. Teach your children to be generous with their time and resources while they are young, and they can carry this lesson with them throughout their lives.
Volunteering as a family is an excellent way to be generous while spending quality time together. Whether you’re picking up trash at a local park or serving food at a soup kitchen, you’ll never forget the lessons that you learn while volunteering.

Support Generous Organizations
You have a choice about which companies to support with your spending dollars. Each time you make a purchase, you are choosing which business gets your funds. Since you’re already making purchases, try to support organizations that are generous with their profits.
For instance, Palmco and Columbia Utilities have partnered with the American Childhood Cancer organization. It’s great to know that you are helping children with cancer every time you pay your energy bill.

Don’t Give Up
Some people get overwhelmed when they see all of the negative things that are a part of this world. It’s normal to feel discouraged sometimes, but it’s very important not to give up. You might not be able to make life better for every child in the world, but you can certainly help one or two children in your area. Keep on keeping on, and your community will reap the benefits.

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