Golfing Gifts for Father’s Day – Make Him a Hit on the Course this June

Golf Net

On the 16th June,  all sons and daughters in the UK and US will be spending some time with their Father’s to celebrate Father’s Day and to thank him for everything he has done for them. That gives us 7 weeks and 2 days (at the time of writing) to find the perfect present.

The question is what do you get him? If he likes his sport and likes spending some time on the golf course then you are in luck because there are a number of presents available. Whatever your budget there is a gift to match and here are a few for you to choose between that are sure to make him a hit on and off the golf course.

Golf Ball Finder Glasses

As he may not have the skills of Tiger Woods or Rory Mcilroy, he may hook or slice his drive or approach shot. If this happens, he can avoid the tuts and groans from his friends by slipping on the Golf Ball Finder Glasses.

They work brilliantly because the lenses are designed to clearly show anything white so the golf ball will be easy to locate. Priced at just £10, it is one of the best Fathers day gifts you could choose and it is sure to be well received.

Auto Putt Retriever

Designed and licensed by golfing supremo Colin Montgomerie, this Auto Putt Retriever is the perfect way to help him improve his game. If he gets a spare half hour at work then he can practise his putting and be ready for a round on the golf course at the weekend.

Priced at £17, this is a very good present for your dad to enjoy and it is one present that won’t be left in the cupboard after one use!

Supersized Deluxe Golf Practise Net

This is a present for those that are looking to spend more than the average this Father’s Day. You will also need to have a fairly large garden (and an understanding Mother!) to fit it in.

The Supersized Deluxe Golf Practise Net is 3 metres wide and 2 metres high and comes with a detachable 18 hole practise sheet that helps him practise his accuracy. Now, this one is considerably more expensive than the other two gift ideas as it is priced at £90. However, if you have the space for it then it will probably be one of the best presents he will receive all year.

If your Father has taken up golf in recent years then these presents are a great idea to help him improve his game…and earn some brownie points with him!

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