Goosebumps Has a PS4 Game

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Goosebumps Has a PS4 Game

Goosebumps movies and books have been a fan favorite for years! They were a start of a great horror fascination for some at a young age. But you don’t limit your scares to just what’s between the pages and what’s in the movie theater. Now, immerse yourself in a Goosebumps video game!

The walk home from school today is going to be a lot spookier than usual. Your sleepy neighborhood has been overrun by monsters! Werewolves prowl the woods, Gnomes roam underfoot, and scarecrows walk at midnight. But these aren’t just ordinary monsters, they are R.L. Stine;s famous Goosebumps monsters released from their books and are looking for havoc!

Goosebumps Has a PS4 Game

Fans of the Goosebumps books will love the iconic characters that pop up in this game as you play.

You’ll need to use your wits to investigate the surroundings, puzzle out clues, and outsmart the monsters before it is too late! Survive a trek through your neighborhood, unravel the mysteries of the Dead House, and sneak through the mall after hours; only then can you confront Slappy and stop his plans for revenge!

Goosebumps Has a PS4 Game

This is a great game for those gamers who like to take their time, solve puzzles. Goosebumps: The Game is a point and click style with a wonderful art work, great story and plot. With Halloween just passing when me and my son started to play it, it really added to the mood of spookiness.

Goosebumps Has a PS4 Game

The game starts off with a story you read and watch the events happen. Two moving truck workers are just chatting talking about the crazy stuff this guy has them moving. They find it odd how the client wanted to have his stuff moved in the middle of the night. The movers get on the road and here a weird thud from the back. They stop and take a look in the truck, a lot of the stuff in the boxes have fallen out, they get a little freaked out by a Ventriloquist Dummy in the back, thinking it was a small child at first. The mover reassures himself that it is just a Dummy, but to his surprise this is no ordinary Dummy…. Then what happens after that is for you to find out.

Goosebumps Has a PS4 Game

Next it cuts to a kid in front of his school. You have to click around to find out where you go, you can pick up items on the way to help you through your journey from school. I really like this game so far, I haven’t made it too far in the game however. There’s a lot of reading and you have to kind of read between the lines to figure out what you need to do next. Sometimes where you decide to go or decide to do isn’t always the best decision afterwards. But being a fan of the Goosebumps books as a child it was really awesome seeing characters in the game that I once read about years ago Like FiFi the dog. Even items I found brought back memories, like the Purple Stuff!

Goosebumps Has a PS4 Game

My son enjoyed the game as well, there were a few jump scares in it, which were unexpected so it definitely took us both off guard. You will get addicted to this game, always thinking about what you can do next, and what you can use to help you. I can not wait to move further in the game and hopefully found out what happened to my house and how to stop Slappy!

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Rated everyone 10+. Available on PS4 and PS3. Genre: Adventure / Horror,.Publisher: GameMill Entertainment. Developer: WayForward. 

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  1. Played it and really enjoyed it, I wish there were more games

  2. Whoa! Had no idea there was a game. I definitely want to play it to take a break from my regular fps.

  3. My little one who is 11 would absolutely love this game. I just got him into the Goosebumps books and hes already a huge fan. I had no idea they had this game.

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