göt2b Review

Girls always love trying new hair products. The most recently the ones I tried are, göt2b’s planet 2 Sexy line, including: 4: voluptuous volume SPRAY MOUSSE, 4: voluptuous volume SPRAY GEL, and 4: voluptuous volume HAIRSPRAY.

I also got some göt2b’s planet oil-licious line, which included: opulent smooth SHAMPOO, and golden shimmer CONDITIONER.

göt2b Review

göt2b Review

göt2b Review

And lastly, I as well received göt2b’s planet kinkier line, which included gloss’n define CURL CREAM.

I knew about göt2b for awhile, I seen it in the hair product aisle a few times in the grocery store and salon. But never tried it.

göt2b 2sexy voluptuous volume SPRAY MOUSSE is a sprayable styling mousse that allows you precise application to pump up your hair straight from the roots for that ‘WOW’ volume boost. I really love the volume that it gave my hair, and the hold. And the smell, my hair smelled really amazing.

göt2b 2sexy voluptuous volume SPRAY GEL this is a little charmer that is an ultra-light, root-to-tip voluptuous volumizer that will put the slink back in your style. It is made to be weightless with special styling polymers to amplify your locks.

It didn’t make my hair hard, or crunchy, or sticky. It held my hair perfectly. When I used it one day, I did my hair in the morning around 10 am and then went out to run some errands. I dropped the spray in my purse just in case. And later, later that day my hair was no so great so I just tipped my head over and sprayed the spray gel all over my hair. And it was like my hair was renewed. This made my hair smell great as well.

göt2b voluptuous volume HAIRSPRAY y styles with full, sexy hold or just freeze your glamorous ‘do into place look! This had an amazing hold, it smells great. Lots of volume.

göt2b kinkier gloss ‘n define curl cream is a velvety soft cream with double curling power that boosts curls and adds natural moisture.  I love how it held my hair without making it sticky or hard. It held, and brought out my natural curls. You would have never known I had a product in my hair. The cream felt very soft and smooth, not like any other gel or mousse. It had a lotion like texture. It made my hair smell fresh and clean.

göt2b oil-licious opulent smooth shampoo and golden shimmer conditioner both combine exclusive göt2b Triple Oil Technology and bulit-in brightening ingredients to restore damaged hair and improve shine without weighing down your hair. The opulent smooth shampoo give your hair opulent shine and touchable smoothness! With micro-emulsion technology.
This shampoo was rather different compared to other shampoos I use. Which is a good thing. It didn’t lather but afterwards my hair was smooth/soft and it was easy to brush. The next day my hair had this beautiful shine to it. The golden shimmer conditioner has oils that absorb easily to nourish and deranged tresses while built-in shimmer ingredients improve shine by 100%.  Afterwards my hair was so soft, and shiney. The shine lasted too! I’ve been using these two products for days and my hair is just gorgeous.

göt2b products can be found at your local Wlamart, Walgreen’s, ULTA and food retailers nationwide.

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Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.


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