Great Little Affordable Car for Teens/College Students

Summer is here for some, and for others there is still a few more final exams until school is out. Teens are going to want to be out every day this summer hanging out with friends, going to the movies, beach, concerts, sleep overs, some might even take up a summer job for some extra cash. All those activities will be much easier to do with a car of course. But for new drivers, taking up a big suped up truck or fast sports cars is a no go. Teens and new college students will need something perfect for them and their needs. 

Great Little Affordable Car for Teens/College Students


Something not too big and not too small, with enough trunk space for little grocery trips, room to pack in beach towels, clothes, etc. Something that gets great mileage that is capable of getting college students to and from classes, or teens to and from their job, especially a car that is affordable, like the New Chevrolet Spark that is under 15k at Bob Pulte
This is a cute little 2 door that gets about 30 MPG, so teens/college students will not have to worry much about filling up the tank all the time. For all the things that teens do and are interested in it’ll save time and money for parents so they won’t have to keep driving their teen and friends around. 
Teens are growing up, and getting a new car will be the start of something new for them, with a car they have so much potential to do things they like. Whether they are interested in a cool new job that pays well, they can take it knowing they have a car to get there and back home, or even if there is a famous band playing down town, but mom and dad are going to be busy all night, they can pack their friends in and drive down themselves. There are so many opportunities they won’t miss out on if they have a car. Same for college students, most are straight out of high school and are living with mom and dad, the least they can do to help their parents out after paying for tuition, books and stuff is getting their own transportation. 
This affordable little car will even give your kid a sense of freedom or independence. They have their very own car, to go to places they want to! Not having to ask parents or siblings to take them every time. Getting a car might spark more adult like decisions within them, like getting a good job, volunteering places, maybe even soon saving for their own apartment. 
Does your teen own a car? 
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