Guide on Looking for a Cheaper Divorce Processing


Guide on Looking for a Cheaper Divorce Processing

Divorce is not a joke. Making such an irreversible decision is an indication that you and your marriage partner have no other option. The process is exhausting emotionally and financially as well. The process of getting a divorce requires some legal procedures which include hiring the right divorce lawyer, making settlements, appearing in court among others.

In Singapore, according to the law, you can only apply for a divorce if you have stayed in Singapore for a minimum of 3 years before applying for a divorce. In addition to that, you must have stayed in a marriage for more than three years. However, if you are a Muslim or if you got married under the Sharia Law, you cannot file a divorce.

Therefore, if you are living in Singapore, it is paramount that you choose a good Singapore Divorce Lawyer to represent you in a divorce case. The lawyer will do some careful considerations and scrutiny to make your divorce case a success.

The following is a guide on how to get a cheap lawyer to represent you.

1. Search Well

If you are living in Singapore and planning to get a divorce, it is essential that you search thoroughly and diligently for the right divorce lawyer. There are different methods by which you can achieve this such as:


  • Internet Search


The first one is using the internet. There are many sites that list divorce lawyers near your locality. Besides that, there are numerous attorney searching services that will enable you to get the right lawyer. It is advisable also to research well even on the shortlisted ones so as to get the best lawyer.


  • Referrals


You can also ask from friends and family for referrals. This is the best method since they can only recommend the best lawyer for you.

2. Physical Meetings

It is crucial to set a meeting with a lawyer because they might look qualified on paper but have serious ethical issues. For instance, hiring a lawyer with low response, time will only add misery to your case. Having a face to face meeting is important because it will give you an opportunity to gauge if he is trustworthy or not. Many law firms allow 30 minutes personal meeting with the potential client charge free. This is an open opportunity for you to gauge the lawyer. When you meet, ensure that you ask questions concerning his work. Moreover, ask for clarification about anything that you did not find on his website. Find out how he will go about the proceedings. Also, find out the action plan that he is going to use. Most importantly, use this meeting to find out about the cost and see whether it is within your budget.

3. Short-Listing

Another fool-proof method of finding a divorce lawyer is short listing. You can shortlist the lawyers that were either referred to you or the ones you find online. This will ensure that you make the best decision and select the right divorce lawyer.

4. Qualities

The most crucial part when looking for a divorce lawyer is to find out about the qualities of the lawyer.

The best lawyer have qualities like:

  • Experience – a good experience in handling divorce cases is paramount
  • Suitability – look for one who meets your lifestyle
  • Commitment – the lawyer should involve you in every step of the case
  • Good reviews in case you are searching online

Ensure that you get a lawyer who you can have a good client-attorney relationship with. He should be a lawyer who will get you involved in the whole legal procedure. Apart from that, he should be able to give you guidance throughout all the stages involved in the process. Most importantly, ensure that you choose a divorce lawyer who you can easily communicate to and trust 100%.


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