Guide on What is the Best Table Tennis Conversion Top at Home

Table tennis is one of the most versatile sports that can be played in different places including at home. It is fun and easy as long you have the right playing equipment and you master the techniques of playing the sport. The first thing that you must focus on buying is the table top. The table tops come in different forms and features as well. For example, if you don’t have enough space or a room that you can put a permanent ping pong table, you can buy the foldable ones whereby you can always keep it away when not in use. Aside from that, there are other essential things that you must consider when buying a table tennis table.

Guide on What is the Best Table Tennis Conversion Top at Home


The size of the table is influenced by the size of the areas where you want to keep it, the nature of your experience and the people to use the table. The tables are made in different sizes. Which means that, if your room has limited space, you can still get a table at a reasonable size to fit in there? Also, if you will be using the table with other members of the family like the kids, make sure the height of the table is right for their reach.


The price is another essential thing that you must consider when buying a conversion table tennis. The prices vary depending on the features and the use of the table. If you want a table top that you can practice at a professional level, then you must be willing to spend a couple of thousands to acquire it. But, if the table is for fun with friends and family members, choose the one with the essential features that you need in a conversion table tennis top. Just search for the best table tennis conversion top that is sold within your budget. Check the available features to see if they will meet all your needs.

Thickness of the Table.

When it comes to the selection of the conversion table based on the thickness, the first thing you need to look for is its portability. You need a table that you can be able to shift from one area to the other depending on where you want to play from. Therefore the ideal thickness of a table to choose based on this feature is around 1.5 mm. But then again if you want a stationed table, more than 1.5 mm diameter will still work for you.

Storage Space

What I like about the table tennis conversion tops is that you can play the game from anywhere and set down your playing equipment. If your room is small such that you cannot let the table stand there for a long time, you can always set it up and set down once you are done playing the game. These kinds of table tops are made in a foldable manner which makes it easy and possible to set it up and down.

If you plan to learn a few things and tactics about table tennis, you can practice comfortably at home by buying a conversion table for these purposes. Use the above tips to helps you select the most suitable table to meet your requirements and needs.


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