H20 Go Water Slide Will Surely Keep The Kids Busy This Summer

I received the H20 Go Water Slide for the purpose of this review. This post was is sponsored by H20 Go Water Slide. All thoughts are my own.

School’s almost out and summer is close behind that means fun in the sun! Beach trips, BBQ’S, water balloon fights, and of course, water slides!

H20 Go Water Slide Will Surely Keep The Kids Busy This Summer

An awesome company, H20Go! Is a company solely focused on water slides. H20Go! Have a new era of backyard water slides, featuring summertime speed-infused fun! Their awesome water slides are designed to get kids’ attention and get them off the couch and outside having fun!

H20Go Slides have three categories, single, double and TRIPLE! I recently had the opportunity in reviewing the H20Go! Triple Slider Water Slide.

H20 Go Water Slide Will Surely Keep The Kids Busy This Summer

The H20Go! Triple Slider Water Slide with Speed Ramp provides a soft landing, and glides you onto the slide for the smoothest, wettest, fastest ride! I was so excited, I live in Florida and it’s not even summer yet and it is already HOT! This new water slide was so amazing! It included the water slide itself, 2 hose nozzle connectors, and 1 repair patch.

This water slide is wide and had enough room for two of my kids to go at the same time. Other water slides I had weren’t wide enough and you couldn’t start sliding on it without sliding on some grass. The cool thing about this water slide is instead of the “belly flop” thing kids do that most likely hurts, there is an inflatable start to the water slide that cushions you when you lunge down to slide!

It is very easy to set up as well, just clear the area on the ground, then fill the speed ramp with water to anchor it down. The connect your garden hose to the side hole, and GO! Very fun, I enjoyed watching my kids have fun having countless turns on the water slide!

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