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I recently had he chance in trying three HBL hair care products, form hblhaircare.com . HBL’s hair care products are free of sulfates, parabens, allergens and gluten free for safe, natural, healthy hair. HBL offers something for every hair type. They offer products to address concerns on hair that is fine and thinning, frizzy and curly, dry and damaged or for hair straightening. Their products also work great on black ethnic hair types and African American hair. Check out our product recommender to take the guess work out of choosing hair care products.
The three products I tried were, HBL Thermal Styling Spray,HBLSpray Mousse, and HBL Texture and Styling Cream. I don’t usually style my hair every morning, I just wrap it up and a bun and I’m done! But lately I’ve been feeling good and I like to get all dolled up sometimes, for example doing my hair real nice.


First I tried the HBL Thermal Styling Spray, this spray protects, shine, seals and styles for all thermal applications. Flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers, hot rollers, etc. With unlimited volume movement and styling. Sometime I let my daughter straighten my hair for me, before doing so she sprayed the HBL Thermal Styling Spray all over and hair then started to iron it. After she finished doing my hair, I could hear her behind me saying, “Wow, this spray made your hair look great mom!” And this, I had to see for myself, so went into the the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I also said,”wow” my hair was shiny, soft and definitely not damaged from the flat iron, because the Thermal Spray protected it from the harsh heat.

Next I tried the HBL Spray Mousse another day. When I get out of the shower I like to put gel or hair spray in my hair and scrunch it to make it curly, but instead I used the HBL Spray Mousse. What I did was dry my hair with a towel until it was lightly damp then I sprayed the Spray Mousse and styled my hair. Through out the day, usually if I used normal gel or hair spray my hair would poof up and it wouldn’t keep its shine or shape. But after using HBL Spray Mousse my hair didn’t poof it stayed in its shape, kept a nice shine, it wasn’t stiff, and felt soft to the touch.
Lastly, I used the HBL Texture and Styling Cream. This cream allows you to texturize and manipulate with a soft, shiny and flexible hold. What I did to use this was dry my hair and I massaged the cream into my dry hair. What it did was let me manipulate the style I wanted. It left my hair feelings great and looking great.

These would make for a great gift this Holiday Season.


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Disclosure I received products for free in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I or use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. Amy Smeltzer says

    my hair is still kind of short so I like trying all kinds of products.

  2. I love all beauty products 🙂

  3. I have such a hard time finding products that work with my hair so I think this would be awesome

  4. because my hair needs help!!

  5. jeff jenkins says

    i like hair care products

  6. i need these for my girlfriend lol

  7. june buchanan says

    I really need this for my hair

  8. I love hair products!

  9. I love finding new hair care products and can’t wait to try this. Thank you for the giveaway!

  10. Christy Colln says

    I need all the product I can get for my dry hair…the ends are so bad and I color it so I need the color safe stuff! thank you for the giveaway!

  11. I’ve never tried this brand, and I would love to!

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