Help Dog Owners And Dog Neighbors Everywhere Appreciate Pets


Help dog owners and dog neighbors everywhere appreciate pets with these great training tips so that dogs and those around them can live in harmony.

Barking – As one of the most common and obvious annoyances for pet owners, excessive barking can be a true test of your dog’s likability in the neighborhood. Enjoy Pet Appreciation Week by using products like the Bark Genie™ Automatic Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent to help train dogs out of unnecessary barking by emitting a safe, yet effective, ultrasonic sound that deters the behavior.

Help Dog Owners And Dog Neighbors Everywhere Appreciate Pets

The automatic indoor/outdoor device can be hung from an outdoor fence post or branch and works from as far as 50 feet away.

Help Dog Owners And Dog Neighbors Everywhere Appreciate Pets

Jumping – If your friends and family are coming over to visit, it’s important to make sure your dog understands proper greeting etiquette first. If your dog can’t contain excitement when greeting and decides to jump, simply keep your eyes raised and voice low until he or she calms down. Immediately reach out to show affection to help your dog make the connection!

Staying – To celebrate Pet Appreciation Week, take your dog out for a special stroll around town! And if he or she tries to break free or escape the leash, practice training with stern calls and positive reinforcement. A lot of the running comes from pent up energy, so make sure to get some quality play time in with your pups to help keep them under control.

Of course, it is Pet Appreciation Week, so finish up these training tips with a handful of treats!

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