Free Clinics And Medical Care Expenses

There are over 1,000 free medical clinics across the country that offer Free Clinics and medical care expenses . Plus there are low cost in store retail clinics that offer free and cheap medications such as: Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and CVS and more. All you have to do is give a call to your local drug store or grocery store that has a pharmacy and ask.

Free Clinics And Medical Care Expenses

Most community medical clinics can offer you free primary health care for those in need. This is for  non-emergency, outpatient medical services. Many also have other services, such as dental, pharmacy, and mental health. You will also usually find vision, x-ray, obstetrics, specialty referral and other free medical services at community medical clinics. Contact one of the organization below that is located in your state for more information for free to low cost health care.

AL – Alabama Association of Free Clinics  (205) 595-5959. Locate free community clinics in Alabama.

AR – Arkansas Association of Charitable Clinics (AACC) 501-623-8850. Find a health care center in Arkansas.

AZ, CA, ID, OR UT, WA – Free Clinics of the Western Region 619-980-8128. Find details on California, Oregon, Washington and Arizona clinics.

CA – Community Clinic Association of LA County (213) 201-6500. Get locations of California clinics.

CO – Clinic Tepeyac 303-458-5302. Get information on Colorado free clinics.

DC – DC Healthcare Alliance (202) 842-5809

FL – Florida Association of Free Clinics 305-592-1452. More on Florida community clinics.

GA – Georgia Free Clinic Network 678.553.4939.  Find locations of Georgia free clinics.

IA, IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI – Free Clinics of the Great Lakes Region 888-877-6769. Find clinics in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

IA – Iowa Free Clinic Association (515-271-1642)

IL – Illinois Free Clinic Network (773) 395-9901. Find an Illinois health care center.

IN – Indiana Association of FCGLR (219) 757-6272. Locate free Indiana clinics.

KY – Kentucky Free Clinic Association (859) 313-1109. Find free Kentucky clinics.

LA – Louisiana Free Clinic Association (337) 593-9208

MI – Free Clinics of Michigan (989)895-4830. Find a listing of community clinics in Michigan.

MN – Minnesota Free Clinic Association (507)288-2295

MO – Missouri Association of Free Clinics (phone (816) 344-5201). Locate a clinic.

NC – NC Association of Free Clinics (336) 251-1111. Locate a North Carolina clinic.

NJ – New Jersey’s Centers for Primary Health Care (CPHC)  1-800-367-6543. Get details on free community clinics in New Jersey.

NV – Great Basis Primary Care Association of Nevada 775 887-0417. Locate information on Nevada community clinics

NY – Community Health Care Association of New York State  (212)-279-9686. Find a listing of free New York clinics.

OH – Ohio Free Clinic Association (614) 221-6494. Find a listing of free Ohio clinics.

OK – Volunteer Health Clinic Coalition (405) 246-5540

OR – Coalition of Community Health Clinics. Get more information on Oregon clinics.

SC – South Carolina Free Clinic Association (803) 319-7962. Get a listing and details on South Carolina clinics.

TX – Lone Star Association of Charitable Clinics (512-777-8929). More on Texas free clinics.

VA – Virginia Association of Free Clinics (804) 340-3434. Find Virginia free community clinics.

VT – Vermont Coalition of Clinics for the Uninsured (802) 289-2454

WI – Free Clinics of Wisconsin (262) 632-2400

WV – West Virginia Association of Free Clinics 304-414-5941

All states – National Association of Free Clinics Click here and then at the very top of the page click on the tab that says Find a Clinic. Then follow the directions to search a find a free clinic in your area.

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