Free & Low Cost Computers For Low Income Families

Free computers for low income families, free used and recycled computers, used computer hardware, free PC’s, computers for the classroom, free computers for the disabled, very cheap computer and so on is what you will find is this list I created for you. While not everyone can afford to buy a computer, they have become an important part of education and society making them essential for a household to have.

There are now many organizations that offer free computers to low income families and to people with disabilities. Please keep in mind for most programs like these you must first qualify by proving your income and other requested paper work  as well as what the computer will be used for.

Free Computers For Low Income Families

Since these programs are not just offered up to people with low income, and it’s seems to be some big secret that many people don’t know about. I decided to search high and low to find all the resources I can to help families in need obtain a good working computer. Programs likes these should not be kept a secret.

Please take a look at the list below and let me know if any links are not working. This way I can fix them. If you know of any places that give computers to schools, low income families, non profit organizations and people with disabilities? If so please share below and I would be happy to add it to my list. I will continue my search regularly and add more as I find them.

PLEASE NOTE – Some programs offer FREE computers and some offer very cheap computers! Please take the time to do research and contact these programs. Everything you need is below. All you have to do is contact them. No one will just hand you a free computer because you say you are low income and in need. You must qualify and fill out the proper paper work like everyone else. Please keep in mind some programs may require you to be referred by government agencies or school such as: Family Services, Social Services, school counselor and more. Just read the requirements they have listed and go from there to work on getting the computer. 


Project Reboot offers very low cost computers to those in need that qualify. Computers are $25. These are desktop computers systems which is a standard system that works well for homework, resumes, email, internet browsing, etc. Click here to learn more, and find out how to apply. (Formally known as offers discounted computers and internet for low-income families and students. Computers start as low as $99. Click here for more information.

Free Computers for Low-Income Students is another list I created that has more places for students and individuals.

Jump On It Program was started by The On It Foundation for students. Both of these programs offers computers for free or very low cost. The On It Foundation is a national 501(c )(3) public non-profit organization that offers FREE computers and computer training for low income families that have students in students in grades K-12 that attend a public/home school and reside within the United States. That can also provide proof of low-income, such as document of Medicaid, SSI, TANF, GA-U, DSHS support, free or reduced school lunch , or proof that you earn less than $23,800. The Jump On It program is to help families and students that do not qualify for their free computers. This program allows them to purchase a very low-cost computer with their free low cost layaway computer purchase program.

With Causes recycles, refurbishes, and fixes computer equipment for reuse to benefit many families in need, nonprofits and educational causes. Click here to request help. DO NOT CALL!

FreeCycle is an online network a nonprofit movement of people who are giving and getting stuff for free in their own town! This would be a great way to get a free computer for your family. Membership is free. Sign up by finding your community.

Komputers 4 R Kids has many volunteers helping to build no longer wanted and broken computers. That then turns around and donates them. offers a Digital Learning Program that provides those who are eligible with training for teachers, students and their parents along with a free broadband-ready home computer loaded with educational software and 24×7 bilingual help desk support. National nonprofit organization

Computers With Causes goal is to provide refurbished computers for an educational, or future learning program. Apply Now or donate today. They ask that you please DO NOT call them , just simply fill out the application, as their phone lines are dedicated to “accepting” donations. Please respect this request.

Recycle The World allows you to take freely or give freely. You can share items you no longer need with people who need them. This site lets you shop for a free computer or others goods you may need. Just head on over to their site and make sure to register and they will email you a password. Next sign in with your password and from there you can post items you no longer need and find the ones you do. If there is an item in particular you really need or want, just post about it in their wanted items section. This program seems to be every state.

World Computer Exchange donates used refurbished computers to groups who have become their Partners. Partners can be NGOs, government ministries, schools, orphanages, libraries, youth centres, telecentres, universities & entrepreneurs.  Computers from World Computer Exchange are only for public settings to help connect more youth in developing countries to the Internet at low cost.

Computers For Learning (for schools and nonprofit ONLY) transfers excess Federal computer equipment to schools and educational nonprofit organizations, giving special consideration to those with the greatest need.

Accelerated Schools has no link to click instead a number to call. Accelerated Schools has a computer loan program for families. Which means you CAN’T keep the computer, but instead they will loan it to your family. But first you must submit a $100 deposit that they will return to you once you return the computer. This program may or may not be nationwide. For more information about this computer loan program you can call 1-800-SCHOOL3 or call 1-800-724-6653.


Computers For Classrooms provides working computers to only families who can’t afford one. This can be determined by whether they receive any of the following: Medicaid, Free or Reduced lunch, Financial Aid Recipients, persons receiving disaster assistance through the Red Cross, Section 8 Housing and more. For qualifying families they also give a free checkup to computers you already have. This program may only be for California residents.

Computers 4 Kids California – I am not sure if this is part of the other programs for C4K. This one is for the California area

Computer Recycling Center donates refurbished computers to qualified programs serving the community with social justice and public benefit such as:  C.A.S.A, Foster Youth, Health and Human Services disabled homebound elderly, and  Public School Teachers for their classrooms. California area. Click here to find out how to apply offers qualifying residents in San Diego County who are low income and disabled or seniors (65+) with free computers. This is a California program.

Computers for Classrooms and Families Program– students, parents, community members are welcome to come earn a FREE computer from Computers for Classrooms, Inc. To earn a computer they must be willing to work 50 hours helping to refurbish computers. This is a great way to learn more about how computers work and earn your own computer at the same time. This program is based in California. Click here to read all about the program

SmartRiverside’s Digital Inclusion Program (YOU MUST Live in Riverside, CA) offers low-income families a free computer. To qualify, you must live in Riverside, have an annual family income of less than $45,000 and take a free eight hour computer training class in English or Spanish. Participants must first complete a free 8 hour training class to receive their free computer. Please click here and go to the bottom of the page for thier contact information to sign up.

CompuTech for Humanity (North Hollywood, CA) CompuTech for Humanity was founded to bring computer technology access to low-income handicapped individuals and low-income families with children. Click here for more information. Apply here.


Alachua FreeNet Recycling Program redistributes used and refurbished computers to organizations and individuals with special needs who have no other access to computer resources and the internet. This is a Florida program.


Computer Banc offers cheap refurbished computers from $60 to $120 to Illinois residents. Find out more here


Computers 4 Kids Kentucky – I am not sure if this is part of the same program above but here is this one located in the Kentucky area


Computers for Louisiana’s Families Program offers low-cost refurbished computers with a Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System and additional software pre-installed.  If you qualify for our CLF program, the Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council can help!

CACRC – Laptops 4 Kids (Baton Rough, LA) offers students in the Baton Rough, LA area $90 Laptops for kids. Laptops come with Windows 7 and a 1 year warranty. Click here for more information. They also give discounts to Seniors, Vets and Law Enforcement. Just click on thier “Community Programs” tab to check out each program. CACRC provides low cost refurbished computers to nonprofit, seniors, low income families for $75 just click here, veterans and others.They also provide non-profits with electronic equipment at very low prices as well as technical support.


PC’s For People has locations in multiple cities in Minnesota and each office distributes computers differently. Cities are: St. Paul, Mankato, Grand Rapids and International Falls. They provide personal computers and education to people who have limited experience with technology due to social, physical and/or economic circumstances.

Michigan: offers free computers to students in 5th grade through College who are unable to buy a computer and need one. To qualify they must work 10 hours of Service to their community. Grand Rapids Area West Michigan area.


WITS offers free electronics and school supplies, also available on a first come first serve basis on Saturday’s. They offer also Desktop computers starting at $50 with Windows & Open Office. Laptops computers starting at $100 with Windows & Open Office. Computer/Laptop Repair Starts $30. For more information call  314-382-165.

New York:

Computers for Children offers Buffalo City Mission area low cost reconditioned computers from $99 and up in their thrift stores. This helps give computers to children.
701 Seneca Street, Suite 601,
Buffalo, NY 14210
Hours: Monday – Thursday 10-6 pm

North Carolina 

United Way of the Greater Triangle, NC If you have someone trying to help you that is a tax exempt, nonprofit organization, educational institution, or government program that provides a technology assistance program to its local residents they can apply for a low cost computer for you from United Way. You cannot apply personally to this program, they must do it for you. These are not free. Click here.

Micrecycle Rochester New York offers free and low cost refurbished through Micrecycle Computers for Education Back-To-School Promotion. For more information email:

GE Elfun Computer Rehab of Schenectady Inc (for schools and nonprofit ONLY) donates free computers to schools and nonprofit organizations who cannot afford to buy new equipment. Schenectady New York area only.


Free Geek is a Portland Oregon based program that offers free computers to volunteers and through their Hardware Grants Program. This program is in the Portland area.


Computers 4 Kids Tennessee – I am not sure if this is part of the other programs above for C4K, but this one is for the Tennessee area


Computers 4 Kids VirginiaCharlottesville and Albemarle students in grades 7 through 12, who qualify for the federal school lunch program, are eligible to join their program. They emphasizes one-on-one mentoring and developing in-depth technology skills through project based learning and creative exploration. When students are not meeting with their mentor, they can access Computers 4 Kids’s after-school learning lab 5 days a week for homework support, educational workshops, and other structured activities. All students in the program are eligible to earn a free home computer system. This program is in the Charlottesville, Virginia area.

TCC Student Club offers computers to students and the community.  You can apply for a computer by using the online application. You can also inquire about having your computer refurbished or repaired. For more information head on over to the club’s web page. You can join the club, donate a computer, or recommend a student by contacting a club member.

Washington: (Seattle area) 

InterConnection offers discounted computers for low-income families and students. Computers start as low as $99. If you do not live in Seattle, WA click here to visit the online store for discounted computers.


Computers For Families each school year distributes 600 computers in 28 South Coast elementary schools. Visitors are welcome to attend and share in the excitement as students and families receive their computers.

More helpful programs:

FREE Internet Access

All Free ISP  FREE Internet Access is the way to find a cheap or free internet access service provider in your local area.Quickly find all free internet service providers in your local calling area throughout the USA and Canada. is a site to find low-cost internet, and free or affordable computers in your area. Just put in your zip code to find what’s available in your area. Free computers and other technology equipment also are available to eligible households. Eligibility can will determined by the programs in your area.

If your information is above and you would like your number removed because the program you offer is no longer. Please email me at angie(at) with the subject line PLEASE REMOVE. Thank you.

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  2. crystal taliaferro says

    Can you help me get a free computer? I need help I have a disabled daughter we don’t even have transportation. I can’t work I stay home take care of her . We need a computer for lots of reasons. Can explain full details later

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    Hello I am disabled on social security and I would love to have a laptop computer. Can someone help me please.

  4. Adele Hayes says

    I have MS & I’d like to get a lap Top Computer, or an Ipad or a desk top, is there anyone in Holland/Zeeland area that would give me one? there R 3 adults in R Household 2 disabled & one is 18 & still in school, R incomeve paper is $1,065.00 a month We have paperwork to prove R income. R DHS worker tbelowold us that we R 150% below the poverty level so we could really need Ur help, Thank U so much for Ur Help.

  5. This is an absolutely awesome list! THANK YOU! I can only imagine the time and energy you put into not just this but many of your articles. I’m personally very good at finding all kinds of resources, but you have me beat by a long run! I’m so impressed and grateful. Thank you again.

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  8. Gabriela Pantoja says

    comcast has a program called internet essentials that provides low income families who have kids receiving state lunches with high speed internet for 10 a month and a chance to get a computer or laptop for 150. its a good program and internet is fast, i had it here in california so i dont know if its available anywhere else but its worth taking a look into if your in need.

  9. Kathi Hall says

    Hello me and my daughter is on welfare we really need a computer for her for school. I want to go back to school but I need a laptop in order to start the classes. If anyone can help us we would greatly appreciate it thank you so much. I live in the country so it’s hard for me to get to the library. I have no transportation.

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    I am on social security I can’t afford a computer I need one I am a disable person please help me please help me god bless u

  11. Thank you so much for this list!! You’re greatly appreciated for all the time & energy you put in to do this research!!! I’m sorry you’re having to waste your time responding to posts of those who either don’t want to follow your instructions on what to do or think you’re supposed to do the work for them. So sad. Smh

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    Me and my daughter get welfare and i get ssi please contact me to my email..thank you have a blessed day.

  13. Sonia Ruiz says

    I am a single mother of a 9 year old that needs help with reading and needs a computer. Her father gave me full custody not to pay child support. I am working but HISD does not pay enough.

    Thank you

  14. Natalie Denholm says

    Is there a free computer for a low income family in Canada Alberta Calgary please contact Natalie Denholm 587-349-2477 thank you

  15. Jeremy Harak says

    I recently just lost my mother and am currently taking over custody of my 5 years old brother. I am on welfare for the both of us and currently I don’t have a job because I don’t have any other type of support because I have my brother all day and night. He is currently behind with his education and I can’t afford to get a laptop on my own. Also I would like to be able to use it to look for a job. Thank you for your time.

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    My name is Anthony Hawkins and I am in need of a home computer or laptop to find a job, would you please let me know what available to me, Thank you and God bless you.

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    Please forward me the information i need 2 help me find a free laptop/computer for my 11yr old daughter as she could really do with 1 for all her work & research. I cant afford 2 buy her 1 im a single parent on very low income.

  18. Alberta busby says

    I am currently on welfare and can hardly get by month to month, I am interested I a laptop but can not afford one,I want to utilize my lap top for educational reasons and find jobs that I can do at home on the laptop,I pray to GOD THAT YOU WILL BLESS ME,THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL THAT YOUVE EVER DONE FOR PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD GOD BLESS YOU,

  19. Janie Allen says

    i am a single disabled mother with no help from anyone. I just got evicted and I am in need of a free computer so I can work from home. I live in Sevierville TN 37876.

  20. Mansoor jalal says

    plz consider me so much:
    i have get free e business training here but i cannot afford to have a personal computer because of very low income
    will you help me to provide me a good personal computer plz

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    Hai, My name is Ganga from Tamilnadu, India. I am very poor housewife my husband is acting driver. I cannot afford a computer. So I can do my online typing work at home. I need a Laptop. I disabled and low income. Please help me.

    yours faithfully.

  22. Do you donate laptops to families in the Rhode island area?

  23. Laurie Buchholz says

    I am a student attending COS in Visalia and I cannot afford a computer and internet so I can do my online homework. I need a computer and internet and I am disabled and low income

  24. Lynn Gordon says

    My son is in iep special education classes. He needs a laptop, tablet, or computer, to do his homework, study, and help improve his education, he gets reduced lunch, were on food stamps and Medicare. I am unemployed, we are poor no money, no help in maryland. I have reached out to churches, social service, and no one has helped. I am asking for a blessing. I can’t afford a laptop, tablet, or computer. I can send you proof that we are a needy family, and his IEP special education classes. we truly need a blessing can you help. If you can assist my child with this gift please know he will be greatful and it can improve his learning. Thank you from a mother in need, Lynn Gordon 8304 cowan ave bowie md 20720, I can send you proof of identity and proof of food stamps, as well as proof that he is in iep special education.

  25. Lisa Ramirez says

    I NEED AND WANT TO GET BACK TO WORK! I am now legally and official divorced and have full custody of my 3 children. It is long over due that I take back full control of my life which of course reflects on my children. I humblely admit I am in a state of financial destess at this time and would greatly accept and appreciate a hand up towards stability of all types.
    Thank you for your time.
    Lisa Ramirez

  26. Hello world. My name is autumn and I a.m from Alabama, In this state there is no help for anyone that is considered low income. At least not that I can find. My children and I are living in a small I guess you call it a building built off the side of a shop. this building belongs to some of my relatives. but its not fit to live in. the floors are concrete. the hot water does not work. for the past 3 years I have been using oil and electric heaters during the winter. I bought an air conditioner for 50 dollars when it does work it only cools 1 room. I do not have a stove. I have a microwave and like an electric toaster oven. my fridge about a month ago started not staying cold and about 2 weeks ago all of my groceries ruined. then the ac It like started making noises and hissing I went outside and there was like white steamy looking stuff blowing out the back looked like a pipe had been cut with an ax or something. and it was freeon so now we have no ac at all. I’m so afraid its about to get hot. my sons 14 my girl is12 and I’m 35. I tried to go through usda and hud they both said that they cant help me cause my credits not good enough. that was a few months ago. I hired Lexington Law thinking paid them 80$ a month for about 4 months and my credit score maybe came up 25 points. So I have started studying ways to repair my own credit. I am afraid for my life and for the lives of my children. I have grand mal seizures actually found out in 2010 at work. I woke up in the floor people holding me down and an ambulance picked me up. Then my doctor and psychiatrist suggested me to sign up for disability and I did. It took 2 years to get it but in 2012 I finally got it. I should have bought some kind of trailer for us to live in then maybe I would not be having to worry ABOUT whats gonna happen to us, I am ,800$ a month minus 127$ for the medicare premium they are taking from my check until my Medicaid is back in effect which will be about 2 weeks. and I’m suppose to get back some of the money ive paid on my premiums and doc visits and medication, but who knows I may never c that cash.So I went and bought this computer when I got paid. It was 199 dollars and I have 15 days to return it. I am taking it back tomorrow or wendesday. I was just hoping to find some kind of help from this compuone ter, so that maybe I could keep it. But things aren’t looking to promising. All I need is some kind of job I can do from home without getting scammed. then maybe if I could come up with 200$ by Thursday I could keep it. otherwise I have to return it. any with any advice please help me. I am drawing so little money that I cant afford to move. o and btw the father of my kids is not in our life. He was a scumbag. He always hit me, I want nothing from him. I don’t want his child support cause even if I try to get it he will scare me, stalk me, and the cops will not do anything here cause I have been through all this already.he is a part of my life that I want to keep away from my kids. so I need a computer of my own. also my kids they are in high school. My son failed 7th grade and is suppose to be doing work online so that he will be able to move up to the grade hes suppose to be in and he needs his own computer for the summer to finish his classes. my kids are young but they use for things in school so much. research papers and also my son has to use his phone to try and study math on you tube its a cheap phone and our neighbor lets us come over there to use her internet, so we have a hard time trying to get things done. ANYONE ANY ADVICE PLEASE SHARE PLEASE I’m wondering I’m embarrassed to do a fundraiser, but ill be more embarrassed if I am homeless. I want my children to have I went to college before I got on disability and I would have gone back already id I had the means of going online. So God Bless you all. please if you can give me advice to help me my email is text msgs my number is 2567944933. I usually don’t give that out but I’m in desperate need of help. I’m not getting any sleep because I am so worried. If you know of a real job I can do from home also Please contact me.

  27. Hi, my name is Cape and I need a computer for my family to start a typing and internet business.

  28. Hello. I have been searching for organizations such as yours in Virginia, where I live but am unable to find any. I have been unemployed for quite a while now and due to health issues I feel my best opportunity for employment is through one of the many national work at home companies.I have done the research and feel strongly about this work at home opportunity. I wonder if you are able to direct me to an organization that could help me with a new desktop to start me on the road to employment. I have applied and just need the equipment to get me started in the right direction. Thank you for your time.

  29. am a highschool student on my own ,and its hard with work i need a computer for school but havent found a way to afford it.

  30. Erica Coleman says

    My name is Erica and Im going to start homeschooling my son and we dont have a computer we need a laptop our trailor is small n dont have room for a big computer your help would be appreciated

  31. joshua a tuttle says

    My name is joshua Tuttle and my fiance and I are both unemployed and expecting a baby soon. We could really use a laptop that can get a decent WiFi connection so it will be easier to fill out applications online and upload our resumes.
    You can contact me the easiest at
    My address is
    Joshua tuttle
    19 colwell st
    Addison ny 14801
    Thank you very much for your time.
    Joshua a tuttle

  32. Jeannette ortiz says

    Hi my name is Jeannette Ortiz I live in Perth amboy nj I am in low income I never had a laptop I can’t afford one how fast am I able to get a laptop I would love one I always pray to have one but I can’t afford it is it possible for me to get one please anything vwould help thank u…..

  33. Margaret romandia says

    Iam a low income sr looking for some help to get me a computer for me help please thank u

  34. Tammie Linstrom says

    uffer from grand mal seizures me and my family needs a computer mainly for the kids and their schooling and for me and my religious studies and one form of communication to my family around the world2

  35. My name is dina kenny iam looking for free laptop for me aM disable and iam needed it cause am doing work from home and ect so can you please direct me to a websit i can get help being direct to thAt willl help me with getting a free laptop

  36. Sandra Smith says

    I am looking for a computer or laptop for my 8 yr. old granddaughter at an reasonable price for her school work. She needs it to download Reflex Math,and Adobe Flash Player,my computer is an old XP which I understand is getting outdated. If you can help me or direct me to websites that can it would greatly be appreciated ! Thank you

  37. Youlanda White says

    My name is Youlanda White and I’m a veteran in need of a laptop computer. I am currently residing at the Trust House in Boston, Massachusetts, a program designed to help homeless female veterans restore their lives who suffer from PTSD and drug/alcohol related issues. I am trying to take some online courses but it is difficult without having access to a computer. Your help in this situation will be much appreciated.

  38. Sabrina Higgs says

    Hi Angie, Im disabled and have very low income. I can’t sleep in a bed because of severe back issues. My recliner is busted and I cant afford a new one. Please help. I live in Ringsted,Iowa 50578

  39. Amanda Walker Glasscock says

    I am disabled and could use a free computer to keep in touch with family and look up things to help homeschool my granddaughter.

  40. ashley leann pawluk says

    Hi my name is Ashley I’m in need of a laptop for college that’s the only thing holding me back I can’t wait to start my dreams I want to go to school for nursing but don’t have a income and nobody to help me out can you please help me out it would be a huge blessing thank in advance

  41. Enit Vazquez says

    I am a single mother working for a fast food industry and would like to further my education however i am in need of a computer so that i can attend to school right now that is 5he only thing holding me back as far as pursuing my carreer

  42. Kimberly Parrott says

    Im a single mother of seven children and need help with job and also christmas right now I’m just getting food stamps can you give me a call or email me at(404)581-2638 thanks

  43. frannie locklear says

    I am a single mother I need help for Christmas for my children I have 3 children and don’t have no help,only make 100$ a week.can you please help me thank you.

    thank you,frannie locklear
    please give me a call

  44. Mariangelly says

    I’m a single mother with two kids the older one has health issues so I can work normally in a normal jobs because sometimes I will have to make a run to the hospital need a laptop so I could work from home or hospital were ever I go that way I’m with my sons but also working have been trying to get help but no one seems to care about my situation I hope I get help god bless

  45. Hi I am queen I really really need a computer for my kids I have 5 kids plz plzzzzzz

  46. Jessica VALDIVIA says


  47. I am a single mother of a 5 year old autistic son and am looking for any info or resources i can use to find a computer for him in Arizona….

  48. Jasmine loeza says

    Can i please be guided in where in my area (idaho falls idaho) i can get help or resources on qualifing for a computer for my childs. It will be used for personal n school work but i am a single mom of 5 and cant afford it ease contact me 2084033039

  49. Hi , I am from West Virginia , disabled and live in a low income housing unit , can’t afford to purchase a computer. I have been trying to locate someplace that might be willing to help me out. It seems West Virginia doesn’t offer such a program at least none that I can find. Is there anyway you can lead me to am organization that can help me out. I would be so greatful, thank you !

  50. shonterri Dixon says

    I need a computer for my disability kids if someone,can please let me known.

  51. Debbie Shirley says

    Hi my name is debbie I need a computer for my kids to do online school school im on disability an cant afford to send them to school every day because its hard to buy new cloths for them an shoes I think a computer will solve a lot of our problems

  52. Maria Flores says

    Im a single mother with learning disability that wants to get a job to provide for my three teen age girls a computer will help me in school they would put a device that i would speak and out would type and read what i type so i can do many school work.a computer would help me to apply for work and fire my girls school work

  53. Kimberly says

    I need a computer as I have MS with lesions on my thoughts, memory, sight, speech, and pain in lower legs and feet. I spend so much time looking for my glasses, my list of phone numbers, my phone, etc… I get so frustrated and cry. It hurts to walk for very long. If I didn’t have God, I would be crazy. It would be wonderful to have my Bible, my gospel music, my medication list, my phone number list, my FB with all of my friends close by when I need them, and large fonts so I can see. You do not know how long it took me to write this post. I can only imagine!

  54. I’m in Georgia , USA, my daughter is in high school, and is in need of a computer, I’m disabled and can not afford a computer, we have to use libraries and that is hot or miss, or they are usually do busy it’s days or weeks to be able to get back to them.. If you know of any program that offers free or reduced price computers I can’t afford much but could try to scrap a little 50 dollars maybe to help of for one, she received free lunches and is on Medicaid , I’m totally disabled , and receive Medicare, qmb Medicaid. Any help would be welcome thank you

  55. I am college accounting student I didn’t have computer to different programs for my class I can’t buy because my family didn’t have enough income so I need your help. Sileshi Tigistu from Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. Thanks.

    • Yonirwoth Joshua says

      Hi We Are In A total Poverty And We Cannot raise up money to purchase computers in our family.
      if any can help us with one he will be thanked so much!

  56. I’m asking for a computer because like Some familys we can’t afford computers or even internet the neighbors put us on there’s please help us

  57. Tina Cain says

    I need help with car repairs and a computer.