Help Luvs donate 10,000 diapers to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals #LuvsBOYB

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The show new show that everyone should watch “Bet On Your Baby” will air 8 episodes between May 31-July 19 and features toddlers ages 2-5 competing against themselves in a series of tasks/activities. The Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals episode (airing June 14th) is going to feature Josh Miller and his parents Laura & Michael. Josh is 5 and was born without tibiae in his legs.  He has prosthetic legs and has already had multiple surgeries in his young life, including heart surgery.  He has done appearances and interviews for Children’s Hospital LA


Help Luvs donate 10,000 diapers to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!

Well Luvs has partnered with “Bet On Your Baby” and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and they’re doing something pretty awesome.

For every use of the hashtag, #LuvsBOYB, Luvs will donate a diaper to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. (Up to 10,000 diapers.) Children in need could really use these too!

Interested in helping kids like Josh? It’s as easy and free! Start by joining Luvs for a Twitter Party!  There won’t be prizes during this Twitter party but For every use of the hashtag #LuvsBOYB, Luvs will donate 1 diaper to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (up to 10,000 diapers)

To join in use the hashtag #LuvsBOYB on twitter

Next follow the experienced Mom bloggers that will be hosting this awesome party while live tweeting the episode:

June 14th, 8-9pm EDT (coinciding with the special #Bet On Your Baby” Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals episode airing)

  • Candy Kirby – @candykirby
  • Kelcey Kintner – @mamabirddiaries
  • Amy Sprenger – @snarkymommy
  • Ann Imig – @annsrants
  • Susan McLean – @nodomesticdiva
  • Robin O’Bryant – @robinobryant


Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals raises funds and awareness for 170 children’s hospitals across North America. One of those hospitals is Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the CMN Hospital that treated Josh Miller

Excerpt from a local news story about Josh:

Keeping up with Joshua Miller isn’t easy, neither is keeping him down. Like the little engine that could, Josh never ever backs down from a challenge. It’s hard to imagine this strong little boy was at one time so fragile. His mom Laura was told during pregnancy Josh would be different. His condition: “Werner’s Mesomaliac Dysplasia With Hirshprungs.  It’s quite a mouthful,” Laura tells me.

Josh was born with multiple challenges inside and out. His most obvious difference: no tibias.  There was no bone connecting his knees to his feet, and he didn’t pop out with 10 fingers and toes. “Our son actually had 26 digits all together because he had 7 digits on each foot and 6 digits on each hand,” Laura explains.

“I’ve almost been through 8 surgeries. One was very difficult, Uhm heart surgery.  I almost died, but i lived through it.” Josh remembers.

 At Children’s Hospital Los Angeles  Cardiologist Jackie Szmuszkovicz explains Josh was born with a defect that blocked blood flow, between his lungs and his heart.  Now that he’s recovered from open heart surgery, she marvels at how active he is today, “To me that’s the most important sign that his heart is doing well.

 Laura still remembers living with the fear of all that could go wrong. Why didn’t it? “He hasn’t learned to feel sorry for himself. Hasn’t learned to be downtrodden,” she says.

On the contrary, Josh sees himself as a role model. He’s already competed in 3 triathalons to raise money for the Challenged Athlete Foundation., and he often meets with new amputees to showing them  all that he’s learned to do.


Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals donations stay in the community where they were donated, helping local kids. The hospitals use these funds however they need them the most, usually to purchase things like equipment, research, provide charitable care or even for supporting patients’ educational needs–helping kids keep up on schoolwork when they’re in the hospital.

Walmart has been one of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ largest corporate partners for 27 years, so far raising more than $700 million to help local children’s hospitals provide the best care, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. Thanks to the associates and customers at Walmart and efforts of companies like Proctor and Gamble, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is able to share the message that children’s hospitals need charitable support.
 Did you know every minute, 62 kids enter a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital for treatment? Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals provide 32 million treatments to 10 million kids every year. They also treat every child regardless of a family’s ability to pay and provide $3.4 billion in charitable care every year (care for which they are not reimbursed).

You can reach out to Joshua via his Facebook Page  

For more on Children’s Hospital Los Angeles go to

For more about Josh’s story:

Be sure to connect with Luvs on Facebook and Twitter.

Be sure to also connect with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and visit their site to learn more about them. – Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Main Site – @CMNHospitals on Twitter – CMN Hospitals on Facebook


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