Helpful Tips For First Time Car Buyers

Buying a new car for the first time? Follow these tips to help you with your buying experience. Along with knowing what to look for. With so many vehicles to choose from it can get tricky.

Helpful Tips For First Time Car Buyers

Do your research and test drive.

1. It’s important to always do your research when making such a big purchase. Find the car you like and learn as much about as you can. Akins Jeep Ram has an amazing selection of new and pre-owned vehicles. Stop by and take the new 2017 Chrysler 300 Limited Sedan for a test drive. Because how you feel behind the wheel of the car is one of the most important parts of finding the right one. No one wants to suffer buyer’s remorse, so make sure to test-drive the car properly before buying. Never assume that because the car is brand new that it’s right for you. A test drive will help with determining this factor.

Does it meet your needs?

2. Make sure to think long term before making your purchase. Especially if your looking into a 2 door or small sports car. If your thinking on starting a family in the nest few years you might want to rethink the smaller car right now. Establish what your transportation needs are now, and for the next few years. This will avoid future costs. When considering future needs also consider your budget. Keep things more practical, because after all this is not a car show.

Does it meet your budget?

3. Another very important tip is to figure out what your budget is, keep it realistic, and stick to it. Keep yourself from getting a vehicle that’s not in your price range. Paying monthly installments is one thing, but you need to prepare long term as well. Think about the cost of fuel, insurance, and maintenance, make sure that it’s in your budget.

Decide if you want a new or used car.

4. There are many pros and cons weather you purchase a new car or pre-owned. For many people buying a pre-owned car may be in their best interest and cheaper in the beginning, but always think ahead. This pre-owned car could possible cost you more money in the long-run to maintain and repair. However a new car will most likely cost you more up-front, and may require less maintenance. Even with the less maintenance keep in mind you will have a bill every month for the new car unless you pay it in full.

Find out the history and value of the vehicle.

5. One of the single most important things you can do when looking to buy a pre-owned vehicle is the find out the history. Ask questions and get documents that show the history of the car. Such as: the UVIP as well as the Vehicle Information Number (VIN). Get a Carfax or CarProof report from the dealer. This will provide you with the accident history, lien details, as well as past registration and branding. If you want to know the true value of the new or used car you can use Kelley Blue Book.

Ask questions.

6. Lastly ask questions. After you have done the research make a list of question to ask the dealer. Make it clear what features you want.

Have fun and negotiate a little with the dealer to find a value that works for both of you. Next settle on the price and finalize the sale. The dealer will help guide you through the last few steps to complete the sale. I hope tips tips help you with a better buying experience.

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