Here’s Why it’s Important to Chang Your Cabin Air Filter

Your cabin air filter is a filter that cleans the air that comes into your car from the the A/C, heating and ventilation. It’s like any other filter that catches things in the air that can make a car ride unpleasant like pollen, dust, and other airborne things that can be bad for people with allergies or breathing problems. It filters the air coming in so you can breathe clean fresh air.

After a certain amount of time you will need to change out your cabin air filter, it actually depends where and how you drive on how often you will need to change your cabin air filter. If you don’t change it accordingly it can become very dirty and clogged causing bad odors in the car. If the filter is dirty it means it can not filter the air properly resulting in passengers breathing in fumes and particles while riding in the car. Not only does your cabin air filter, filter the air from bad fumes and such it even stops small bugs, leaves and debris from flying through your A/C.

If you turn on your A/C and you hear more noise coming out than you feel air, then you should definitely check your cabin air filter, also back to the bad odors, if you are smelling this this is a sign to check it as well.

Many people do not know that they have a cabin air filter and don’t even think about changing it, then all of a sudden as it gets dirty after time the car will fill with musty odors, and you’ll end up breathing in bad fumes, you yourself could possible get sick and have breathing problems. So if you purchased a new car, ask to make sure it has a cabin air filter so you are aware of it being in there and especially where. If you are unsure when to change it, just check it every few weeks, once you start noticing it getting dirty then that is the time to change it. Change it before it gets too mucky to avoid any bad things getting filtered into your air in the car as you drive.

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