Holiday Car Travel With Pets

The holidays are less than 2 weeks away. Many of us will be headed out on the roads for a long road trip to family and friends to spend the holiday with. Some of us will even be bringing our pets, because no one want’s to leave their furbabies home alone for the holidays. 
Savage L & B Dodge Chrysler Jeep want’s you to know traveling with pets doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. Carefully plan ahead before you take your pets along with your family on trips, whether it’s a winter holiday trip to visit family or a summer road trip. No matter were your going, planning ahead will ensure a smooth safe trip. Use these helpful tips I’ve put together for holiday car travel with pets: 
Holiday Car Travel With Pets
Get your pets ready
If this is your first time taking your pet on a road trip, it’s best to do some mini road trips before the big one so they can get comfortable being in the car. 
Safety first
Safety is top priority. It’s important that you keep all pets secure in a crate or carrier. This will make things easier, and your pet cannot move all around in the vehicle causing an accident or unsafe driving.  
Feed them a light meal ahead
Don’t feed your pet while traveling, and you won’t have stinky, smelly messes to deal with when you arrive. Feed them a light meal four hours before leaving. Refrain from feeding your pet treats during the trip. If you make a stop to stay at a hotel overnight, then go ahead and feed them. Place a pee pad in the bottom of each crate for any accidents that still may arise. You can also cover the seat with an old blanket under the crates. This will catch anything that the pee pad doesn’t. 
Plenty of water 
Not feeding your pet while traveling is one thing, however it’s important to make sure they always have fresh water. Especially on long trips and warm days.
Give your pets a break
Bring a leash and plenty of waist bags. Your going to need them when you make stops to give your pets a break from the car. This way they can take a short walk, go to the bathroom, and stretch thier legs.
Important items to bring
Other important items you should bring for a smoother trip: pet vaccination records, food, paper towels, bowls, leash, trash bags, pet medication, pet first-aid kit, favorite toys, and a blanket they regularly use. 
Keep your pets comfortable 
Never leave your pets alone in the car even with the windows rolled down. Keep them comfortable on hot days.  Vehicle’s temperatures rise quickly to lethal levels and will be dangerous to your pets. 
Don’t lose your pet
Make sure your pet has a collar with a tag that has your number and home address. Or you can choose to microchip them. Either way this will prevent you from losing your furbaby in the event of an emergency.
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