How can you become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional?

With all the information being stored digitally, it is no wonder that the 21st century is referred to as the digital age. The shift to a digital world has helped in advancing technology, communication, and also made access to information convenient. However, with all these, it has also led to an increase in cybercrimes. These cybercrimes are rampant, and there are reports every day about websites being hacked, breach of security, phishing attempts, scams, and many more,

Thus, it is apparent that there is a growing need for professionals who are experts in preventing these cybercrimes. However, as cybercrimes grow, there has not been an increase in cybersecurity professionals. Hence, there is a lot of demand for this job while there are not enough candidates. Now, you can be part of a global community of cybersecurity professionals by earning a CISSP certification and becoming a part of the (ISC)2.

What is the (ISC)2?

This non-profit organization was formed over 25 years ago that was created to help combat cybercrimes. With this organization, you can become part of a global network of cybersecurity professionals who are dedicated to helping fight cybercrimes by regularly updating on recent trends in crimes, new ways to detect cyber threats, and more.

One of the well-known credentials that this organization offers to cybersecurity specialists is the CISSP certification. To earn this certification, an individual must show that they have in-depth knowledge about existing threats and how to prevent them, and additionally, they should also showcase the ability to deal with future threats effectively. With this certification, you can showcase that you have the ability not only to design and implement security measures but also to manage them. The credentials of CISSP ensure your employers that you are part of the leading cybersecurity professionals and that you have the skill set required to ensure that digital data is protected.

Who is eligible for this certification?

The CISSP certificate is meant for professionals who have already been working in the network security field. It cannot be completed by just anybody. You need to have at least five years of experience working as a security professional, and you also need to prove that you have two years of experience in any one of the following eight fields which are considered to be the critical body of knowledge to earn the certification for CISSP: Asset Security, Security and Risk Management, Software Development Security, Security Operations, Identity, and Access Management, Security Engineering, Identity, and Access Management, and Communication and Network Security.

If you lack the minimum experience required, you can become an Associate of (ISC)2, or if you have a four-year degree, then you may qualify for a waiver of one year. If you earn the Associate of (ISC)2 by taking the CISSP and earning the passing score, then you have six years from the date that you pass your examination to earn the full credentials to become a CISSP by completing the work experience that is required.

To earn the certification for CISSP, you need to prepare with the help of CISSP training centers, which are listed on the official site for (ISC)2. You can either opt for a classroom-based or online mode of study, whichever that you find to be more convenient for you. After the CISSP training period, you must register yourself with Pearson VUE and then take the exam for CISSP certification. To qualify for the certification, you must earn at least 700 points out of 1000, and you must complete the online endorsement process, and finally, you must agree with the code of ethics that is provided by the (ISC)2. Once you have completed all of these steps, you will be qualified to become a CISSP and become a part of a global network of cybersecurity professionals. After you have the certification, you must keep yourself updated with the latest trends in cybercrimes and recertify yourself every three years.

What is the background required for the certification for CISSP?

(ISC)2 does not allow anyone to qualify for the certification for CISSP without performing a background check. In this background check, you will have to verify that you have never committed a felony or any crimes related to dishonesty, been court-martialled in military service, or have any pending charges against you. You will also need to verify that you have never had any public relations with any hackers or been involved in hacking. You will also need to disclose if you have had any previous aliases or pseudonyms that you have gone by.

Once these criteria are met, you will be able to earn your certification for CISSP in no time.

What is the endorsement process?

The endorsement process is completed online, and, in this process, an existing member of the (ISC)2 endorses that, to the best of their knowledge, the information that you have provided regarding your background and your work experience is true. Hence, an existing member will need to verify your professional experience within nine months from the date that you pass the exam. During the endorsement process, the member will need to provide their certification number, and you will need to ensure that you have a good standing with an existing member of the (ISC)2. If you do not know any existing members, then the organization itself can also act as your endorser. Without completing this online endorsement process, you cannot earn your certification for CISSP

Earning the certification for CISSP requires a lot of hard work, and you will need to complete several steps. However, once you have earned the certificate, you will have well-respected credentials and become a cybersecurity professional. A CISSP is very high in demand, and hence, completing this certification process will ensure that you have great job security and that you have a well-respected position among your peers. It is easy to meet the requirements to earn the certification for CISSP, and once you complete the CISSP training, earning the passing marks is a breeze. Ensure that you have read carefully about the eligibility criteria and about the complete process of becoming a CISSP.

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