How Caring For Your Car’s Leather Seats Can Save You Money

Everyone loves having a nice, clean car they can show off. Shiny rims, sparkly paint, tinted windows, and when you open your car door, nice smooth leather seats. Now you don’t want to be caught with old, ratty, cracked and dirty leather seats! You have to keep them clean, but making sure your car is nice and clean shouldn’t break your bank or wring your wallet dry, you can easily do some DIY’s to keep your car clean especially those leather seats so you won’t have to get them professionally cleaned or replaced, which will cost quite a lot.

How Caring For Your Car's Leather Seats Can Save You Money

Here are few easy tips to keeping your leather seats clean and looking new:

1. Don’t be so rough.

Watch what you put on your seats, sharp items can scratch and tear the leather. If you smoke, hot cigarette ash can burn holes in the seats. Watch what you eat in the car as well, because certain foods and drinks can stain your seats. Take care of your seats to help them stay clean and looking like new. If they do get dirty it won’t take much to clean them right up.

2. Clean with soap and water.

Old fashioned soap and water can clean tons of things. But doing this simple task on your leather seats a few times a week can wash off the debris, oils and grime. To help get even more dust and dirt out of the creases and such, vacuum your seats in the folds and all the creases to get all the little crumbs and such. This will be a nice quick clean on any day. Click here to read the full post.

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