How Disabilities are a Scary Reality in Bicycle Accidents

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Cyclists encounter some of the same road hazards as those who ride motorcycles. The scant protection and safety these modes of transport provide, together with unsafe road conditions and perilous driving habits, can result in severe, sometimes even fatal injuries. The losses and repercussions a cyclist might endure because of the accident can be significant.

It’s always a good idea to consult a bicycle accident attorney in the event you get into an accident that results in you getting permanently injured. Bicyclists might find themselves in three distinct accident situations: 

  • Ones involving motor vehicles
  • Ones involving pedestrians 
  • Ones involving other cyclists

Those involving motor vehicles are often the most perilous because of the vast difference in size and speed, not to mention the fact that people on bicycles don’t have the protective enclosures like people on cars do.

Understanding Severe Injuries from Bike Accidents

Bicycle accidents pose a huge risk on major roadways and highways. People on bicycles can end up suffering very severe injuries that can sometimes include conditions that leave them permanently disabled. For example, injuries that cause brain trauma or spinal cord injuries.

Without proper head protection, a simple tumble to the ground from your bicycle could end up leaving you with serious head trauma. It is alarming, but still very true, that such cases often result in severe brain damage or permanent disability. According to the CDC, concussions or some other severe head injuries are present in about 25 – 50% of bicycle-related accidents.

The enjoyment of riding a bicycle can dissipate quickly when it leads to a serious injury, such as spinal cord damage. The temporary pain that comes when you simply fall from your bicycle pales when compared to the potential permanent disabilities you might suffer. You may not know this, but a small number of sports-related spinal cord damage scenarios are caused in the cycling space.

This is why navigating through heavy traffic on major roads and highways feels like something similar to playing dangerous games of chance with huge SUVs and large trucks.

Besides these well-recognized risks, there is also the danger of experiencing soft tissue damage, encompassing sprains, strains, and bruises. It is like playing an unfortunate lottery game where there aren’t any desirable outcomes.

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The Long-Term Implications

Lance Armstrong once said, “I woke up two days later in the hospital. They tell me about the accident, but I don’t remember those moments and the days that followed.” This is after the cycling legend experienced a huge setback when he suffered a clavicle break after falling off his bike while competing in a tournament in Spain.

The point here is that even the most renowned and skilled cyclists aren’t immune to the very real risk of severe injuries and accidents. Bicycle injuries can sometimes have a huge impact on the rider’s life, affecting their daily activities, overall physical health, financial stability, as well as emotional health aspects.

In some instances, you may end up with a permanent disability, necessitating ongoing rehabilitation and medical care.

Some of the most common permanent or long-term disabilities that come from bicycle accidents include things like loss of limb functioning, traumatic brain injuries, and paralysis. These permanent disabilities can have a huge impact on a rider’s quality of life and independence.

Psychological and emotional effects can also sometimes lead to permanent damage. PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) might not be physical, but it can be something you have to deal with for the rest of your life. 

It is important to consult an experienced bicycle accident lawyer to find out what your options are for seeking fair compensation for your losses and damages.

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