How Do You Save Money On Your Everyday Commute?

In an ideal world you would live just a few minute’s walk from where you work. There would be no need t have a car and you could leave just before work starts and be home minutes after it finishes. Of course, in this ideal world there would be no chance of you being disturbed out of hours; despite being so close to your workplace.

How Do You Save Money On Your Everyday Commute?

Unfortunately this is not usually possible and you are unlikely to be willing or able to move home just to be closer to work! This leaves you with several other options to reduce the cost of commuting

Get A Motorbike

If you have a motorcycle license or are prepared to get one then this could be the right answer for your needs. Motorbikes can be purchased second hand for less money that the current value of your car. The running cost of a motorbike is far lower than that of looking after a car. You will also find that it is generally easier and cheaper, if not free, to park your motorbike.

All in all this can add up to a significant saving. Take a look at some motorbike sales today.

Share a Car

Another option is to find a colleague who lives in the same general area as you. They have to be prepared to pick you up every day on alternate weeks. Of course, you need to pick them up on the other weeks.

Sharing a car to work should half your fuel bill. However you may have issues when you need to work late and your ride is heading home!

There are many places which have car sharing schemes in place to help you find the perfect person to share your journey to work with. This may make it a viable option.  

Public Transport

Your ability to use public transport will depend upon where you live. The bigger the city is, usually the better the train system to whisk you in and out of the city. A good season pass will save you money compared to fuel and you will never need to look for parking again.


A bicycle will allow you to complete the commute without it having to cost you anything. At the same time it will allow you to adopt a healthier lifestyle and get back into shape. There is an increase in the number of bicycle routes within cities which can make it safe and convenient to use a bicycle to get to and from work. There are many more people utilizing this option today.


This is only an option if you live relatively close to your work. Of course this should be taken in context to the amount of time you spend commuting now. For instance if you can walk to work in half an hour and it takes you this long to commute via your usual routine you might as well start walking! Not only will you feel better you will be stronger and fitter as well as gaining an opportunity to unwind on the way home from work.

If you are further away you can always drive half the distance and walk the rest.


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