How Much Do I Need to Pay to Terminate my AT&T Internet Subscription Early?

While many internet and mobile service subscribers are happy enough with the subscription plans they currently have, some keep an eye out for better deals or more affordable plans. When they do find something better than suits their needs, they can easily cancel their current subscriptions.

While ending one’s internet subscription plan early calls for a termination fee payment, the cost will depend on the service provider. Here, we take a look at how much AT&T charges in the event a customer wants to pre-terminate their internet subscription.

  1. When is an Early Termination Fee Mandated?

AT&T charges an Early Termination Fee (ETF) when a customer avails of services or service packages (with or without purchasing a device under a term contract but cancels the subscription before the contract ends. An ETF usually applies when a customer accepts a service agreement with a discounted device or service package.

With AT&T Internet, the service provider charges an ETF if the customer chooses to terminate the contract more than fourteen (14) days after its activation. This fee is prorated and reduced for each month of active internet service. The final prorated amount will appear on the bill within three billing cycles.

Note: The service agreement is different from an installment plan.

  1. How Much Do I Need to Pay?

AT&T’s standard ETF will cost $180 for service agreements with a 12-month commitment. Approximately $15 is deducted from the fee per month of active internet service. That said, the prorated ETF for someone who terminates their subscription after six months of use is $105.

Note that AT&T may charge a separate fee of $150 if the customer fails to return any equipment or returns the equipment in a damaged state within 21 days of canceling the service. If the said equipment is returned undamaged within six (6) months of cancellation, a refund is issued to the customer.

  1. Is There a Difference if My Subscription is for Mobile Internet Rather than for Home or Business Use?

For data service subscribers using mobile phones, the standard ETF is $325. $10 is deducted from the total fee for every completed month of service.

For those using a mobile hotspot or AT&T Wireless Internet, the standard ETF is $150. $4 is subtracted for each completed month of service.

  1. How Do I Cancel My Subscription?
  1. The account owner or authorized individual must request cancellation by calling 800-288-2020;
  2. The customer service representative online will ask for the account number and personal identification number (PIN) during the cancellation process, so make sure that these are within reach for easy reference.

Note: AT&T recommends that customers call within standard business hours for immediate service. Processing of requests made after business hours carries over to the next business day.

  1. Exceptions

AT&T waives the ETF  if the customer chooses to terminate the contract within fourteen (14) days of activation. No additional costs will be charged if the customer returns any equipment or devices under contract to AT&T within the period.

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