How to apply Unna Boot Application to reduce Swelling And Improve Circulation

Many suffer from swollen feet and ankles caused by poor circulation. There are various ways to treat swollen ankles and to boost circulation; however, new innovative treatments tend to work more effectively than traditional ways. A number of years ago a renowned German dermatologist created the Unna Boot. This boot dressing differs from the traditional bandage. It is comfortable; it aids fast healing, reduces swelling and improves circulation. The Unna bandage is a soft dressing covered with a gelatin and zinc oxide paste, specially designed to promote fast healing. Once applied, the unique foot bandage protects foot wounds from infection. The dressing also boosts circulation to ease swollen ankles and legs. The bandage is applied like a plaster cast, but here is a brief guide to help you learn how to apply the foot dressing.

Wash the Feet and Dry them Thoroughly

Ensure the soft skin in between the toes is completely dry.Apply any medications or ointments to the skin as prescribed. Once applied, the unna boot application may need to be worn for a week, so the dressing must be applied properly. Physicians recommend using the spiral wrap method to apply the bandage. This means winding the dressing in a circular motion to cover the affected area.

Bend the Affected Foot at a Ninety-Degree Angle

Take the edge of the dressing and place it under the foot, positioning it a couple of inches from the tips of the toes. Start to wind the Unna bandage around the foot. Keep the dressing taut but never wind it tightly. Bandage the entire foot and continue to dress the leg (until the bandage sits one inch below the knee). To lower swelling and aid circulation, the Unna bandage should cover the foot and the leg as specified. Use medical pins to fasten the dressing. Active people with swollen feet and legs are encouraged to use the Unna bandage, so ensure the dressing is not wound tightly.

Unna Boot Bandages

Are typically worn to heal wounds, to improve circulation and to reduce swelling. The moisturizer dressing is also used to treat hard to heal venous ulcers and burns. As a rule, one Unna dressing can be worn for seven days, however, if the wound leaks the soiled bandage must be changed. It is important to keep the dressing dry at all times. When bathing, the patient should cover the bandage with cling film or a large plastic bag.

Unna Dressings

Are ideal for people with hard to heal wounds, poor circulation and swollen feet and legs. The zinc oxide applied to the bandage also prevents skin itching, an uncomfortable part of the healing process. Patients can wear socks and comfortable shoes with the boot dressing so daily life can go on as normal. Thousands of people use the Unna boot to promote healing, to prevent pain, to reduce swelling and to boost circulation. It takes time to learn how to apply the dressing properly, but once applied, but remember, practice makes perfect.


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