How to Bet on Basketball: Top 5 Tips for Betting on Basketball

Undoubtedly one of the most popular sports games around the globe, basketball continues to attract more fans each day. However, its popularity is not strictly exclusive to being watched, as it has become all the rage in the world of gambling. From the NBA and WNBA to the NCAA, and other leagues, the gambling world offers bettors the chance to wager on any of these games. But with so many factors in play, a lot can go wrong with your bet. And so, it is important to know how to bet on basketball.

Almost every day there is a basketball game being played. Both local and online bookmakers offer bettors countless different betting options to pick from. That said, the game’s fast-paced nature makes basketball the ideal pick for cashing in on a fortune. However, just as this can work to your advantage, it also has its downsides. 

Here are your 5 tips for betting on basketball. 

1. Consider the Fatigue Factor

Although it is rare, you can sometimes find a team playing its third consecutive game against another team that has just come off a few days’ rest. Naturally, this will put the former team at a disadvantage, as they will be fatigued. Their odds only worsen when they are on the road. Bookmakers will take this into account, but may not always have a definitive or clear conclusion as to which team is expected to win. Then again, no one does. Still, placing your wager on the resting team may present a greater opportunity. However, you must always do your homework and compare that to the odds of the fatigue factor.

2. Focus on the Statistics

While it is true that numbers never lie, you can never be certain when it comes to basketball. Nevertheless, remaining focused on the statistics of the game will improve your odds of winning. However, there are key points to focus on. The paint, rebounds, and turnovers are perfect indicators of a team’s playing level, which can tell you a lot about their chances of winning. If a team performs well in these three categories, they should have your trust. A great performance will include retaining a high average of points in the rebounds and in the paint while having a lower turnover. Between controlling the boards and the pace, and having a higher ball possession rate, it becomes likely that your team will score more due to more opportunities. 

Another statistical consideration you should make is checking the probability of winning for either team. Experienced gamblers always stress the importance of seeing who the favorites are by reviewing a combination of winning probability and current odds. This will give you an idea about who to pick, although it is important to use this method along with others to ensure the best outcome.

3. Manage Your Money Intelligently

The most popular league in basketball is, without a doubt, the NBA. With their massive 82-game schedule, getting carried away becomes easy. For this reason, you should look to employ a system that manages your money intelligently. The best way to do that is by moving slowly, yet steadily. Your system will depend on the frequency of your betting ventures, but you should look to limit them to an unexceeding amount between each play. It is advisable that you bet no more than 3% of your money on any one game. And if you are looking to spread your odds against three different games, then 1% on each is ideal. However, it is also advisable to make one solid wager.

4. Home Court Advantage

Like most other sports, the home-court advantage in basketball has a great impact on the final results. Do not underestimate this advantage, no matter how well your chosen team’s odds may seem. More often than not, a team will put on a more aggressive performance for their hometown. Bookmakers will take this into account, and usually add 3-4 points on the spread. And though home-court losses are the exception rather than the rule, they can still happen. So, look for teams with a home court win streak, but also learn to tell when the streak is coming to an end. 

5. Track the Betting Line Changes

Bookmakers will often release a game’s betting line at least 24 hours before the game starts. When this happens, you should remain patient and observe how other bettors react. Your plan should typically be based on the opening odds, but also consider the lines that may move in your favor. However, drastic line movements should be approached with caution, unless you are aware of the reason behind the dramatic shift. 

With the many factors that affect this game, so much can go wrong. However, with a steady and cautious strategy, you should be confident in your wagers. Remember to do your homework by reviewing statistics, and it should be easy to up your chances of winning. 

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