How To Choose And Wrap The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

These days, the demand for high-quality stationery and wrapping materials has skyrocketed. Presenting your gift perfectly, has become almost as important as the gift itself. Gone are the days when you can badly wrap your gift and expect no-one to bat an eyelid. If you want to make a stunning impression; you need to go the extra mile and wrap your gift with care and attention.

Take a look at the handy guide below to see some top tips on choosing and wrapping the perfect gift for anyone. Just remember, your gift doesn’t have to be expensive to create a striking impression. Sometimes the time and effort you put in is just as important. Homemade gifts are often just as well received as designer gifts.

Step one – choosing your gift and avoiding disappointment

When you choose a gift for someone, you need to remember a few simple thing in order to gain the best reaction. Firstly, you need to think carefully about your recipient. Who are they? What are their interests and what makes them tick? One of the biggest mistakes when choosing a gift for someone else, is letting our personal tastes dictate what we purchase for others. Do some research first on your recipient and discover a few of their likes and dislikes. This way you can avoid getting them something that they will ultimately pretend to like. There is nothing worse than someone watching you open a gift that you aren’t happy with!

It can be tempting to see a gorgeous product in store that you personally fall in love with. The biggest pitfall in gift giving is choosing a gift because we like it. You should think about your recipient and question whether they would like it. Does it suit their color schemes? Would it go with the decor of their home? What one person thinks is lovely, another person might hate.

Step two – thinking about postage and packaging

If you are giving a gift that needs to be posted out to someone, you need to properly plan your materials before you wrap your gift. This will help avoid broken gifts and huge disappointments all around.

Start somewhere like and research online postage options. This will give you a guide to posting your items and buying stamps from home. Then you can think about protective wrapping such as bubble wrap or padded envelopes. The amount of packaging, you will need, will be dependent on your gift. If your gift is breakable, you will need to secure pack the gift itself and the box it is being sent in. Ensure that you choose a sturdy box that isn’t going to bend or break. Double check the sealing of your box to ensure that the bottom won’t fall through if your item is heavy. Postage costs are a good thing to be aware of. If you are sticking to a budget for your gifts, then you might need to cut down on the gift cost to allow for this.

Wrapping your gifts and choosing materials

When you wrap your gifts you should once again be thinking carefully about the person you are gifting to. If you know that your friend is environmentally conscious, why not choose some recycled wrapping paper for her gift? You could even make a gift from recycled materials. There are plenty of stylish options available out there. Just because it is recycled, doesn’t mean it can’t look stylish! In fact, more and more companies are making an effort to ensure that most of their products are environmentally friendly. It can be a huge selling point for businesses. You could also try: –

Gift bags – Sometimes it can be easier just to pop your gift straight into a gift bag. Forget about taking hours to wrap your gifts. If you are busy, then there are a few ways to make it look as though you have taken a lot of effort on this wrapping method. Simply place some shredded paper into the bottom of the bag. Add your gift on top and then cover with a layer of stylish looking tissue paper. This can all be picked up at any craft shop or supply store at low cost. A great way to wrap something when time is an issue!

Gift boxes – Gift boxes sometimes look plain and boring. Why not place your gift inside a gift box and then decorate the box? There are so many choices that you can opt for, including the below.

Ribbons, buttons, and embellishments – A great way, to spend extra time on gift wrapping and make it look even more impressive, is to use clever embellishments. You should consider keeping a tin or a container handy at all times for wrapping materials. If you find yourself with an extra button from a top, put it in your tin. If you receive a gift tied with pretty ribbons, put it in your tin and re-use it with a different theme. This way, when it comes to decorating or wrapping a gift, you will always have materials to hand. This is a cost effective way to get quality wrapping on all of your gifts. Tie thick, luxurious bows around boxes and embellish them with brightly colored string and buttons for a real handmade look.

Hand drawing – If you are an expert with a pen or a paintbrush then why not try designing your own gift wrap? You could start with some plain white paper and decorate it with personalized images and graphics that your recipient will love. Use watercolor paints to add some personality to your designs. You could even use sharpies to complete the finished look. If you are feeling even more creative then why not finish the whole thing off by using bright and fun washi tape designs when you wrap your finished gift. This will ensure that your finished gift stands out from the rest!

Good luck finding and wrapping the perfect gift for your lucky friends and family this year.

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