How to Cut Out Bad Driving Habits in Texas

How to Cut Out Bad Driving Habits in Texas

There’s a lot of bad habits that both old and new drivers have that are dangerous now and in the long run. Some drivers don’t think much of it if they are the ones to have the bad habit but it can really bother other drivers and put both parties in danger. On a daily basis drivers all over experience different bad driving habits from other drivers on the road. Most older drivers don’t really recognize their habits, because they have been driving and doing the same thing for so long, but it’s never too late to get a good new refreshed lesson in good driving habits. However, for new drivers the excitement of driving can lead to certain habits that should be demolished instantly. Some bad driving habits that you may be familiar with are:

1. Not wearing a seat belt.

Many new drivers think that since they are older than 18 that they don’t need to wear their seat belt. No matter the age or the person wearing a seatbelt isn’t a want it is a need. This is for the safety of all passengers. Most newer cars have an indicator or a reminder built in if someone in the either the driver’s seat or passenger’s seat are not wearing their seat belt. People do just simply forget and not everyone has a car that can automatically remind them if they do not have their seatbelt on. So, instead of making not wearing your seatbelt a bad habit make wearing your seatbelt a good habit.

2. Texting and driving.

This is a very bad habit that’s very popular nowadays. A lot of us are dependent on technology and most are glued to their phones and no matter where they are it’s hard for them NOT to check their phone. This is dangerous while driving if you of course didn’t know that already, even just two seconds with your eyes off the road and on your screen a whole lot can happen. You could swerve to one side, accidentally speed up, slow down, or even forget to stop on a red light.. While driving you need to be awake and aware, you need to be a defensive driver and expect the unexpected. However, it is good to have your phone in the car in case of an emergency. A good way to to help stop this bad habit is to text friends before you get on the road, make sure anyone you are talking to is aware you about to get behind the wheel and won’t be able to get back to them for awhile. Turning off notifications on apps on your phone will help diminish the need to check it if it goes off. Even putting the phone out of site in the glove box will definitely help. Texting and driving is the number one reason why so many teen drivers have gotten into accidents, and came out injured or even dead.

3. Not using turn signals.

This by far bothers and just irks so many drivers. Not using…click here to read the full post.

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