How to Fuel Your Child’s Creativity in 4 Easy Steps

How to Fuel Your Child’s Creativity in 4 Easy Steps

Many parents rightfully feel the need to counterbalance their children’s massive technological input with activities that spark their curiosity and imagination. The truth of the matter is that the vast array of stimulants available on the internet is enough to dull everyone’s imagination, let alone that of children, who are considerably more impressionable.

This is why many parents struggle with capturing their kids’ attention and rerouting it to more creative paths. Having said this, below you can find four easy steps to help you fuel your child’s creativity for good:

  1. Have Them Cut Back on Gadget Time

That’s right. We’re talking about the most common enemy kids are facing today – the excessive amount of time spent in front of the TV or on their phones and tablets. Even if they’re watching an educational program, know that their minds are not working productively.

After some time, their minds tend to zone out, since they’re watching a story that someone else thought of for them, from start to finish. By cutting back on time spent like this, they will actually get to create their own stories.

  1. Spark their Creativity with an Old-Fashioned Costume Party

When you think costume parties, chances are you most likely think Halloween costumes.

However, you don’t need to wait all year long to throw a costume party that your kids will most likely enjoy. Instead, you can throw one on their birthdays or simply when you feel like you want to reward them for their good behavior.

Once they’ve chosen their costumes and you’ve chosen yours, you can take it to the next level through role playing and by thinking of dialogues your characters would have. This way, creativity is bound to shine.

  1. Show Them How Magical Fairy Tales Can Be

Reading to your kids is probably one of the most endearing and pleasant things you can do to spark their imagination and create a wonder-filled atmosphere. Get a book of fairy tales and bedtime stories and read to them every other evening, so they get to gladly anticipate the moment and build-up excitement.

You can then ask them questions based on the story or ask them to give it another ending than that you just read to them. The possibilities are really endless and your child will beam with joy.

  1. Help Them Develop Their Artistic Skills

A sure way to spark your kids’ creativity is by offering them permanent access to a box of art supplies. It can contain anything from crayons and watercolors, to old magazines, beads and rhinestones. Sit down with them and explore the contents of the box, by asking them how each item can be used in a creative way.

Make sure the box is placed in an accessible spot for them so they can understand that art and creativity are not subject to restrictions.

Having said this, know that your kids’ imagination is already bubbling with ideas and stories just below the surface. The only thing you need to do is to give it a gentle nudge, so it wakes up and develops on its own. By following the steps above, you are on a sure path to fueling your kids’ creativity, while also strengthening the bond between you.

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