How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs


Invaded by bed bugs? Waking up to red skin rashes of different sizes are the first signs that they might be present in your house. Bed bug bites can be severely itchy, irritating, and a nuisance. Though the parasitic insects are not known to spread disease, there’s still the possibility of the bite developing an infection. Some people may experience an allergic reaction to bed bug bites, ranging from mild to severe, just as different individuals can react to a bee or hornet sting.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite you, your child, and all members of your family. Learn how to get rid of them fast, and know when to call the experts. Professional exterminators at can detect signs of a bed bug invasion, find the bugs, their eggs, and completely eliminate them.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Indicators of an infestation include tiny white eggs in mattress or furniture crevices, mottled shells which have been shed, black spots or blood streaks on sheets due to squashed bugs.

Look out for these signs and follow up with:

Thorough Vacuuming

Did you know that bed bugs can hide in unusual places like floor cracks, beneath carpets, and behind baseboards or loose wallpaper? Vacuum these areas extensively. Use the most appropriate attachment to work your way around narrow spaces for a more effective cleaning. Immediately throw away the vacuum bag once you’re done.

Clearing and Cleaning Items

Remove stuffed animals, soft toys, cloth books and other things that may have bed bugs in it. Use a stiff brush to scrub them and dislodge eggs. You can also toss washable items into the dryer to treat for 30 minutes on high heat, then seal them in a plastic bag until your home is cleared of the critters.

Launder Fabric

Heat-treat clothing, bedding, and linen by laundering in hot water at a minimum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit or the hottest temperature the fabric can withstand. You can also tumble dry on a medium to high setting for 30 minutes. Have delicate clothing dry cleaned, but make sure to inform the cleaner of the problem beforehand.

Take Furniture Apart

Dismantle bed frames to expose bed bug hiding sites and get them cleaned. Pull out drawers from desks and dressers. Some furniture can be saved by vacuuming, steaming, using couch or mattress protectors and applying a bug killer. Turn bug-infested furniture over and begin treatment from the bottom.

Bed Bug Proofing

Caulk with seal every crack or hole where bed bugs can penetrate your home. Check for cracks and spaces around baseboards and crown molding. Cover holes where pipes and wires pass through in your walls and flooring.

Bed bugs can sometimes be inevitable, especially when these small insects make themselves almost undetectable! Get the peace of mind by hiring a professional bed bug exterminator to help keep your home bedbug-free. Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep on a clean and comfortable bed. These measures to get rid of bed bugs should help in getting quality sleep, maintaining your home, and preventing infestation.

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