How to Improve MPG & Go Green With Your Vehicle

There are many things in this world that cripple the environment. From air pollution, to water pollution and trash and many more. However, there are also many ways that you can help clean up the environment, by recycling, cleaning up trash you see anywhere outside, and even keeping your car green! I don’t mean paint it green though. There is a few things you can do to ‘go greener’ with your car, here are a few: 

How to Improve MPG & Go Green With Your Vehicle

1. Carry less.

By this I mean, don’t keep so many items in your car whether large or small, the more weight in the car the more it makes the engine work thus using more gas. You should only carry things you absolutely need, like some car tools, first aid kit, water bottle, and clean up any trash.

2. Drive safe and smart.

Speeding causes you to use more gas than you need to, also you can get into an accident. Don’t drive recklessly as well, sudden fast turns and jerks can ruin the tire alignment and such making you take more trips to the mechanic than needed, it can also use more gas because your vehicle is working harder. Being a smart defensive driver will help keep you and others safer on the road. Use the A/C only when needed, also when going shopping or to work try finding a parking spot in the shade on hot days, so when you leave it doesn’t take long for your car to cool back up when started.

3. Keep it clean.

To avoid litter, carry a small trash bag in your car for small trash items, such as wrappers, napkins, straws/straw wrappers, old condiment packets, etc. After about a few days, tie up the little bag and put it in your trash can. Click here to read the full post.

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