How To Make Sure Your Indoor Cat Is Healthy And Happy


You may think that indoor cats have a pretty cushy life. But it is important to remember that they are the descendants of wild animals. They have retained many natural instincts, and so it is the job of their owners to make sure that they have a proper outlet for these compulsions. It is also important to understand that, just because they are indoors, does not mean that they are immune from injuries and illness.

Cat proof your home

Make sure that your house is a safe place for your felines. There are many things we have in our homes that can be toxic to domestic pets, like common table foods. It is important to do some research on what foods are potentially dangerous to your cat, or you could ask your vet for this information. Certain objects may also be unsafe. Cats have a tendency to paw and chase small plastic objects, and there is a danger that they choke on them or swallow them. If you see your cat playing with an item like this, remove it from them as soon as possible. A number of flowers are also toxic to cats, including lilies and tulips.

Make sure your cat is healthy

Just because she is not outdoors that doesn’t mean she won’t get worms or fleas. It is a good idea to order plenty of appropriate medication from an online shop like Administer this medication as regularly as your vet advises. Aside from this basic medical care, you should also take your feline for regular check ups at the vet and as soon as you notice any change in their behavior.


Create an outdoor area inside

Dedicate an area in your home for an indoor garden for your feline. Arrange a number of indoor plants in your indoor garden along with some cat grass and catnip. Create a jungle effect with lots of overhanging plants. As mentioned above, some plants are toxic to cats so make sure you select safe ones.

Clean her litter tray regularly

Cats are very fussy about the cleanliness of their litter tray. Some cats will delay going to the bathroom as long as possible if their tray is not cleaned to their standard. To keep your kitty happy, the litter should be scooped twice a day, and the tray should be cleaned every 10 to 14 days.

Buy a cat climbing frame

A cat climbing frame, also known as a cat tree or condo, is a multi-tiered piece of apparatus that includes places for your cat to climb, scratch, play and sleep. The tree is a must-have for any indoor cat and  you can buy them from a pet shop or make it yourself. It will keep them happy and occupied for a very long time. If you can, position the climbing frame next to a window so that your feline friend can watch the world outside.


Finally, regular play!

Spend quality play time with your feline friend every day. Try a variety of toys that encourage your cat to jump, run and pounce. Make sure you use safe toys, and mix it up with different play items, so they don’t get bored. Have fun!

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