How to make the pool clean and safe for kids and pets?

If you have a pool the most critical aspect to consider is a safety because it can pose a danger to kids and pets. Well, but how can this be achieved? Unfortunately, drowning in home pools is common phenomenon that needs to be addressed because it is a significant cause of death for kids and pets. It can also be unsafe for pets since they can drink pool chemicals or accidentally fall into the pool or get stuck in filter pumps. Therefore, there are some basic rules that you can adhere to prevent tragedy around your home pool.

In this review, I will highlight some ways which you can make the pool area safe for kids and pets.

Fence your pool

Fencing the pool is an obligatory preventive measure that should be implemented before anything else. The Fence should have a child safety gate that can only be opened by older people. Your fence should be high enough to regulate entry only through the gate. By doing this, you will have eliminated access to pets and kids to the pool. Fencing adds protection this it is important to have a four-sided fence around the pool which is separate from your house fence.

Once you have your fence installed, you need to ensure that the fence and its gate is functioning well. It is essential to make regular checks and make possible repairs and maintenance by removing items leaning against the fence. Pets and your children might be tempted to use these leaning items to climb over the fence, and they might accidentally drown in the pool. Therefore don’t leave anything or object leaning on the fence because it can be a source of entry to the restricted area.

Additionally, you need to keep the gate always shut no matter if anyone is around the pool vicinity or not. You can’t expect older children to take care of younger children wandering around the pool area. They get distracted easily; that is why I recommend that; always keep the gate closed. It is much better to use self-latching or a self-closing gate.

Cover the poolside with non-slip surfaces

Pools get slippery because of water splashing on its surfaces. Therefore, it is vital that your pool surface is good and it can provide grip to prevent cases of sliding into the pool. Children are very playful, and they tend to violate simple rules such as running around the pool. When this happens, a good surface can be helpful to prevent such accidents.

Provide life jackets

Life jackets are among the necessary equipment that you should be having in your pool. Any child who is not good at swimming or those under three years should be provided with the life jackets when they are being taught to swim. Don’t be too negligent because anything can happen and the child can drown in the pool.

Set rules

Swimming pool should have its own rules just like other places. The whole family should be aware of these rules which govern their behavior on how they use the pool. Some of the standard regulations include:

–  No running around the pool

–  Always remove objects from the poolside or those leaning on its fence

–  Never allow children to swim on their own unless there are under supervision from a mature and responsible adult.

–  The pools gate should always remain shut

The rules I have address are essential, but you are free to customize them as long as it makes your pool safer. The rules are effective when they are implemented.

Keep the pool tidy

A littered pool full of floating objects like toys, noodles, and other unwanted items can lure young children and pets to dive into the pool. Always ensure such objects are kept away from the pool so that kids might not be tempted to sneak to the pool area when nobody is watching them.

Additionally keeping the pool tidy prevents potential accidents that can arise from slipping fruit peels among other items. It is recommended that after every cleaning session the pool attendant should ensure no item is left within the pools vicinity.

Provide life-saving equipment

Every pool should have life-saving equipment such as first aid kits, long pole, rescue buoys in handy.They should be stored in an appropriate location which can be accessible easily. It is essential to have basic knowledge first aid like resuscitating a drowning person.

You need to consider purchasing a pool alarm system which floats on water and can alert you when there is a disturbance on the water especially when no one is around the pool. This notifies you there is something unusual and you can promptly check before it is too late. Maybe a pet or your kid found its way to the pool and you can be there to rescue before it is too late. A pool alarm which has been paired with the swimming pool alarm can be handy.

Preventing the pool area alone is not enough; you need to make the pool water safe by doing the following:

– Chlorinate the water frequently to avoid possible contamination which can attract infections.

– Remove objects in the water surface that can cause accidents

– The water should be drained regularly to maintain its freshness

– Don’t allow food to be carried to the pool because it contaminates pool water.

Children and pets are vulnerable to such facilities, and that is why you should make it safe as possible. I know kids love swimming and that is why you should ensure there is an adult watching them.The most important thing is to train the children and pets to swim.

Pets such as dogs are good at swimming, and they can catch up can as well learn simple floating skills so that they can be able to take care of themselves when they are swimming. Sometimes you might be far away from home, and you can’t guarantee their safety.

Finally, I usually recommend shallow pools, especially for homes. They should not be more profound to an extent that it can pose a danger even to adults. This is to make it convenient for everyone who has access to the pool. When you notice something wrong with the pool like cracks, or damages don’t hesitate to address such problems with immediate effect.

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