How to prepare yourself for move?

Moving is considered to be stressful event, especially if made in a hurry, without preparation and professional assistance. In order to start you just have contact local moving company and entrust them with organizing your relocation. In order to make packing process easier it is important understanding what stuff are going to travel with you and what are going to be thrown away.

After contacting contacting reliable moving company here and arranging a meeting with company’s representative to start estimation procedure, try looking through your belongings and decide what is worth keeping. It is the right time to declutter your house. Here are tips on how to start cleaning your home from useless stuff:

  1. Start with your closet. Clean it out and carefully look through your clothes: outfits that no longer fit, in poor condition, out of trend or simply you don’t like anymore should be donated to charity.
  2. All the unwanted and not needed at the new place furniture, kitchen items should be sold or donated, as well.
  3. After dealing with heavier stuff like furniture move on to appliances and electronics. Check what is still working and what items are outdated or broken.

How to prepare yourself for move?

One of the best ways to get rid of old belongings is organizing a garage sale. In this way you will eliminate unworn clothes, earn some money and won’t have to pack as many boxes.

How to prepare yourself for move?

Effective packing tips

Got rid of everything useless and ready to start packing? For your information, reputable moving companies offer packing and unpacking services but if you want to save money – these simple tips will help packing like a pro.

  1. Pack one room at a time. Label boxes belonging to each room using duct tape of different color. The unpacking process will go much smoother and faster;
  2. Make a box of essentials things for the first days at your new home. Such items as towels, tooth brush, trash bags, takeaway menus, first aid kit, and animal food have to be nearby. Also don’t forget keeping all important documents in separate folder closer to you;
  3. Tape off all liquids like cleaners, cooking oils, shampoos for them not to spill during your travel;
  4. Use trash bags as cases for clothes and stretch wrap to group things together like stack of small boxes or garden tools;
  5. It is convenient to keep small furniture accessories in small bags and tape them to a corresponding piece of furniture;
  6. Use own clothes to wrap dishes and other breakables;
  7. Place the content of each bathroom drawer in a separate bag – it will be easier finding everything when unpacking.

Following these tips you will avoid mess and panic.

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