How to Save Money on Auto Shipping?

Relocating from one place to another can be tedious and full of anxieties, especially for interstate travels. If you take it upon yourself, the plethora of small and big tasks you will have to finish are sure to overwhelm you.  

Additionally, if you are contemplating driving your own car to your destination, it could lead to fatigue. You may lose a day’s work as you will need to rest. 

The best option is to hire professional car transport Melbourne to ship your vehicle to your destination. They will also help you save money as well as time. 

However, here are some tips which could help you save money on your auto shipping.

Opt for Shipping Vehicles Via Open Carriers 

Transporters have different options for shipping your vehicle, like— Open carriers, enclosed auto transport. Most vehicles are transported in open vehicles, it is safe and reliable, but chances are there that weather condition and road debris could impact the car. The other option is enclosed vehicles. There is a price difference in both options. You could discuss the same with the transporter.  

Planning Ahead of Time and Give the Movers Time Flexibility 

The transport schedules for trucks are not fixed. It varies with freight demands and other variables like weather, traffic, and road conditions. Due to their fluid schedules, they charge the clients additional for fixed delivery dates. They also advise clients to be flexible with the pickup and drop schedules. You can save some money by offering flexible schedules. 

 Ensure the Car Is in A Working Condition 

Shipping a car in non-working condition involves additional cost and work to the transport companies. Due to the added work, the car shipping companies charge extra fees to the clients. If the vehicle is working, you can save on the non-run costs, which could amount to a few hundred dollars. 

Consult Your Transporter Before Packing the Car 

All trucking and transport companies are continually moving many heavy loads from one place to the other. Any additional load could subject them to stringent weight regulations. Packing the vehicle increases the vehicle’s weight, for which the transporter might charge the client an additional amount. 

Ask the Dealer If You Could Drop the Car 

Often a door-to-door pickup of the vehicle would mean moving across the city with a huge weight. If you offer the dealer to drop-off the car at their location, it could save them the effort. Considering the same, the transporter could agree to waive off some fee. 


While shipping your vehicles, it is understandable that one would want to spend the money prudently but basing the entire buying decision on price may not be advisable. You should understand the services they offer and the customer reviews they have got. Instead of squeezing the transporter on the price, it is better to save by following the tips mentioned above.     

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