How to Tell If Your Air Filter Is Working Properly

You have probably been told that adding an air filter to your HVAC systems is necessary to ensure that it’s running properly. Whether you get full-price or at a certain percent discount air filters, irrespective of the price, will reduce the number of pollutants that are in the air in your home. However, once you have put the filter into the system, how do you know if it’s working? 

There are ways to tell if your filter is working properly, and you can start by asking yourself the following questions:

Has it Improved Your Health?

Irrespective of the price Discount, Air filters have the ability to remove harmful pollutants and irritants from the air in your room that can impact your allergies. This means that you may have been experiencing a scratchy throat, itchy eyes, runny nose, or even a headache. After you change out your filter, you want to pay attention to how you feel.

If you notice that these symptoms have lessened or gone away altogether, this could be an indication that your air filter is working properly and cleaning your air.

How Does it Look When You Switch it Out?

Since air filters remove pollutants from the air, they need to be changed every so often, usually every three months. To tell if your air filter is working the way it should, take the time to examine the old filter. If it is covered in a gray, ashy substance, then you know it’s removing impurities from the air. This is all the dust, pollen, and other particles that would have been floating in the air in your room if the filter hadn’t trapped it.

What Do You Do if Your Filter Isn’t Dirty?

If you pull out your air filter to change it after three months and it doesn’t have a gray, ashy covering, this means that it’s not doing its job and you need to ask yourself some other questions, including the following:

Is the Filter Installed Correctly?

How you place your air filters into your HVAC system will have an impact on its ability to clean your indoor air. There is an indicating arrow on the filter frame that needs to be pointing toward the fan. If it’s not, then particles and pollutants will be able to flow freely through the filter and circulate around your home.

Did You Get the Right Size?

If the air filter is too small for your HVAC system, then it will allow air to flow around it instead of through it, which means it won’t be able to trap harmful particles. Should you find that you have to fold the filter in half to get it to fit, then you are faced with the same problem. Thus, having the right size filter is important.

Is the Filter Thick Enough?

Filters come in a myriad of densities, and if you get one that is too thin, it won’t be able to trap very many particles. If you’re looking to save money on filters, don’t look for cheap filters at the store. These don’t have the ability to remove pollutants from the air. Instead, look for discount air filters online that will not cost much but effective at improving your air quality.

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