How to Use Wood in Your Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom design, most people shun the idea of incorporating wood into it, for fear that it won’t stand the test of time. But, if treated correctly, wood can make a really stylish and unique addition to a bathroom. It’s also incredibly practical, adds depth and enhances color in this much-used room of the home. Here’s all you need to know.

Wooden walls

Most people automatically think of tiles when it comes to bathroom walls. Whilst tiles have many advantages, dirt and mold can gather in the grouting, and they aren’t the most original choice for your bathroom. However, a really interesting and unique way to style your bathroom is to add wooden panels to the walls. Wooden walls add character to your bathroom as well as warmth, texture and a superb effect of reflecting light. You don’t necessarily need to give every wall in your bathroom a wood makeover; consider just one accent wall to start off with and get a feel for how it works in your home. Use water-resistant drywall, cement board or soft wood planks.

Wooden ceiling

A really smart interior design move would be to add wood to your bathroom ceiling. Think on the lines of Scandinavian style, heated lodges with saunas. If you’re worried about the effects of damp and moisture on the wood from the steam in the bathroom, then make sure that you treat the wooden ceiling with a barrier such as linseed oil or urethane to coat and protect it. A bathroom fan would also add double protection.

Wooden flooring

Forget cheap looking vinyl or carpet, and opt for wooden flooring in your bathroom for a really stylish and elegant effect. It will be easy to keep clean and durable, so makes an ideal choice if you have a busy family home.

Wooden shower base

A wooden shower base is practical, functional and very stylish. Remember, that the wood will need to be treated to ensure that it stays in good condition. But, it can add soft warmth to your shower as well as bringing out the color. Wooden shower bases are also non-slip and make for a useful space for storing shampoo and soap, etc.

Wooden bath paneling

It’s probably not the most obvious design choice for a bathroom, but incorporating wooden panels on the side of a white ceramic bath can look ultra smart, and give it a really chic edge. Go one step further and get yourself a bath made from wood – a design trend that is becoming increasingly popular, and offers a really decadent way to enjoy a soak.

Other ways to add wood to your bathroom

If adding wood structurally to your bathroom seems somewhat daunting, or you want to play around with wood a bit, before committing to further changes in your bathroom, there are lots of ways to add wooden touches without too much investment. Simply hang up a mirror with a huge wooden frame in you bathroom. Why not incorporate wooden units or storage cabinets with a distressed wooden appeal? Hang up wooden shelves to introduce the theme of wood into your bathroom, as well.

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