How Weight Watchers Work


You may have resigned to being overweight after failed attempts of serial dieting. If this has been your predicament, then Weight Watchers (WW) is here for you to assist you shed off the extra pounds for good, and maintain a healthy lifestyle thereafter while still enjoying delicious food. For close to 60 years now and counting, WW has been around in the front line of diet plans successfully. It is highly ranked. With this program, you can lose two pounds of weight every week until you attain the desired body weight.

How Weight Watchers Work

SmartPoints system: The hallmarkIn this system, food items are given a value called SmartPoints . This value is arrived at based on the calories contained in a food item, its content of protein, sugar and saturated fat. Generally, healthier foods have lower points starting from zero. Less points indicate that the food is healthier and poses no threat if you indulge yourself with them. Simply enjoy them!

Foods with zero points have low calories and contain no saturated fats. They include fruits and vegetable such as strawberries and mixed greens; dairy products such as nonfat plain yogurt; legumes like green beans; scrambled eggs and very lean proteins like skinned chicken and tofu. They help to keep you full for a lengthy period and help save on points which can be staggered across the remaining part of the day.

Foods that are less nutritious have higher SmartPoints. They include foods with sugars, less protein, various percentages of saturated fat and little fiber. Some examples are proteins like ground cooked beef and cheese omelet; and processed foods such as pasta. Depending on the composition of these foods, the SmartPoints given to them range higher than the healthier options. For instance, 5.5 ounces of French fries have 13 SmartPoints while a plain hamburger bun has five.

Your role Members who subscribe to this diet get a specific number of SmartPoints which are arrived at based on one’s age, height, weight, gender, level of activity and goal in losing weight. The members then spread their points across their eating plans for the entire day all the while being governed by their goals. Members are allowed to carryover not more than four SmartPoints into the next day. (these might come in handy for a special occasion). At the same time, they have additional 28 points meant for treats and other important events making the plan realistic. No wonder WW has become a household name.

Success factors

  • You are free to select your food preference within the confines of the daily allocation of SmartPoints. Your eating is moderated and balanced.
  • SmartPoints are easier to count than calorific and other nutritive values.
  • It is suitable for all ages including those with dietary restrictions.
  • All kinds of foods are included: natural and processed alike.
  • Physical exercises are incorporated for better results.
  • The diet plan is not removed from real life experiences such as festive seasons, making it sustainable.
  • Support from other participants with shared experiences through meetings is a source of inspiration especially for beginners.
  • A sense of belonging to the larger online community which strengthens accountability.
  • Personalized coaching sessions through the phone or text messages help to customize diets further.
  • Education is provided to empower members on healthy recipes, correct food portions and good eating habits such as eating for the right reason which is to energize the body and not eating out of emotions such as boredom and stress.

With this program, losing weight is fun and doable as you do not need to skip your favorite pudding. More importantly, you will not go it alone. Your lifestyle will be balanced as you exercise restraint on foods with high SmartPoints without eliminating them from your diet all together. With WW diet, you gain so much as you lose weight.

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