Hug-a-Bib Review

I have the same problem with all the baby bibs I use for my babies. Either it slides around and it make a mess all over and it would get on their shirt. Or, some how they would end up turning the whole bib around on their neck. I’m pretty sure some of you out there might of have these problems and still do with your little ones.

For another example I used to have issues with a burp cloth I used as well. Sometimes it was hard to stay up on my shoulder. Which would result in me getting mess on my shirt from my baby. And I know this is an issue many mothers and fathers have.


Well, worry no more, Hug-a-Bib & Clippy Cloth has solved all those problems. It’s, “Your Stay Put Coverage Solution”.

Hug-a-Bib Review

Hug-a-Bib Review

Hug-a-Bib Review

What is Hug-a-Bib, you ask, and why is it so amazing? Hug-a-Bib was designed by a mother for mothers! So you know the producer knows up what goes on in the real world. It is as well designed to not move on your shield, no matter how much they squirm. Because it uses a revolutionary one-piece Velcro strap that attaches around your baby’s waist. As well as being comfortable, for your child it is made to be easily fastened with one hand while you cradle your infant.

It’s is truly a wonderful invention for all mothers/fathers out there! It’s very soft and durable and can be easily strapped around a child as stated. It is much wider and longer than expected, which provides superior coverage.

Now that you’ve gotten a little taste about what the Hug-a-Bib is all about, next is the Clippy Cloth!

Once again, Clippy Cloth was also designed by a mother for mothers! It fastens to your clothing using a high quality copper clip that will not rust. In result, the Clippy Cloth will not move off your shoulder no matter how much you bend over or stoop. Measuring at an amazing 12″ by 29″, Clippy a cloth a provides better coverage from back and chest. It is very soft so your baby won’t fuss over resting their head in it. It can also be used on either shoulder.

I can’t give this product enough positive feedback! The Clipp Cloth is something that so many mommies need. No more spit-up on that nice shirt! The Hug-a-Bib, Clipp Cloth is very soft and durable and the fabric is very thick. The high quality clip is easy to clip to any shirt and won’t rust after multiple uses.

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