I Encourage You To Nominate Your Favorite Nurse #ThankYouNurses

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I Encourage You To Nominate Your Favorite Nurse #ThankYouNurses

Labor and delivery nurses are so very important in some of life’s most memorable and precious moments. They are right by our families side to care for us moms as we go through the childbirth process. Even if we are ill or high risk they are right there to get us threw. I remember having my youngest and he was not positioned right and I started to cry. My nurse was there holding my hand and helping me to get threw the most scariest moments of my life. Which was finding out I would have to have a c- section. I had never had one and never wanted to. I was absolutely terrified and just wanted to have my baby normal like my other 2 delivers. I was such a mess she did so well calming me down for the Dr.

I will never forget her and the nurse who was there when I came out of recovery and the medicine she was trying to set me up with was going to be a slow drip and the machine was broken. She felt so bad she cried and I kept passing out from the pain being so bad. I could not even lay strait. She was at least 8 months pregnant running around the hospital trying to find me a machine that worked to give me something for pain. I encourage you to nominate your favorite nurse. Find out more below. 

Nurses deserve a big thank you for all they do. Pampers realizes how important nurse are to us moms and is launching the Thank You Nurses Awards program, honoring nurses in three categories: Labor & Delivery, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Postpartum.  Pampers wants parents to share our stories of nurses who helped you make life #betterforbaby. You can do this by submitting a nurse nomination to the Pampers Swaddlers Thank You Nurses Awards at www.tongal.com/pampersnurses. This link will be live by November 9th. All Nurse nominations must be submitted between November 9th and December 14th.

I Encourage You To Nominate Your Favorite Nurse #ThankYouNurses

About the awards:

  • Three finalists, one in each category will be announced in March and the grand prize honoree will be announced in May.
  • The 3 finalists will be honored with short documentary videos showcasing their unique and inspirational nursing stories.
  • Each of the 3 finalists will receive a one-year membership to the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN), attendance at the 2016 AWHONN Convention, Procter & Gamble care packages, and more. Visit tongal.com/pampersnurses for full prizing details.
  • In honor of these nurse winners, three Pampers Swaddlers scholarships will be made available to help nurses from underrepresented groups complete their studies toward a Master of Science in Nursing degree.
  • See details and official rules at spr.ly/6181BPvMF
  • Winner must be a resident of the US or Puerto Rico, 18 years or older. 
  • Nomination period ends 12/14/15 at 3PM EST

I Encourage You To Nominate Your Favorite Nurse #ThankYouNurses

Twitter party:

Pamper #ThankYouNurses Twitter Party which will be hosted by iConnect on November 19 from 8-9pm CST. 

Prizes include:

  • Prize 1: $50 AMEX plus diapers and wipes
  • Prize 2: $75 AMEX plus diapers and wipes
  • Prize 3: $125 AMEX plus diapers and wipes
  • Grand Prize: $350 AMEX plus diapers and wipes
    RSVP: diapers and wipes

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  1. I love when nurses help put their nervous patients at ease!

  2. My aunt has been a nurse for 25 years

  3. Thomas Murphy says

    I love how nurses are there to help people.

  4. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says

    I love that nurses are very compassionate and caring. They are very supportive and encouraging to helping their patients focus on getting well. 🙂

  5. Jessica Beard says

    I love their patience and understanding. They are very knowledgeable.

  6. Nurses help you feel at ease when you just feel terrible. Had that experience when I had my gal bladder out five yrs ago.

    Diana C

  7. amanda sakovitz says

    I love how caring they are

  8. I love their compassion

  9. I love that they are the unsung heroes.

  10. I love how patient they are

  11. I love that they are so informed and will answer all the questions I have that the dr is usually not around to hear.

  12. The nurse’s that I’ve had for various surgeries, child birth and physician appointments have a hard job and a lot of responsibilities. Many of the nurses that I have come in contact with throughout the years have been really helpful.

  13. I love that nurses are always there to help. Every time, I have been to the Dr. or a hospital, they have always made me feel less nervous.

  14. I would have to say that their kind and compassionate and caring

  15. I love that nurses are generall caring, compassionate people.

  16. Janice Cooper says

    I love their caring nature and bedside manners

  17. Nurses are so dedicated – they’d do anything for their patients!

  18. Crystal Rogers Walker says

    I love that nurses give of themselves to make sure their patients are helped, comfortable and whatever they need nurses are a Godsend

  19. I love their love for their job and patients.

  20. I love how nurses combine knowledge and professionalism with caring and compassion.

  21. I love how giving and passionate they are about they’re jobs! They are so personal and caring as well.

  22. maleficent m says

    love nurses. my childhood friends is a nurse.

  23. I love how kind, caring and compassionate they are. When I had my first baby, everything was totally new to me and my milk wasn’t coming in. She told me to start pumping (as well as having the baby suck on my breast like I was doing). After trying a couple of pumping sessions, my milk finally came in and I was so relieved. I wish I would have started pumping to help get the milk going right away, but am so thankful to her for her advice! Julie smartsavvymama@gmail.com

  24. Jennifer Marie says

    I love that they are so caring and they work a lot of hours to help others.

  25. I like that they take time to answer questions, caring and compassionate.

  26. i love how they lift your spirit up

  27. I love how helpful and hardworking they are

  28. I love nurses because they are caring and compassionate. They are dedicated to making their patients feel better.

  29. I love nurses that take special care with patients, especially through difficult stays in the hospital.

  30. Bridgett Wilbur says

    I just love how much they do everyday for people they don’t know.

  31. Kim Henrichs says

    I love that they can react to an emergency and help in these unbelievable life and death situations. It’s a profession I greatly admire, and one I could never imagine doing. So grateful for these great nurses out there!

  32. I love their compassion and dedication to their patients!

  33. I love that they are willing to do the most unpleasant jobs with a smile on their face.

  34. The care, compassion, and dedication of nurses goes a long way in helping patients to recover!

  35. shelly peterson says

    I love how nurses are so caring and kind and they have so much knowledge.

  36. Breanna Pollard says

    I love how they work so hard and are so caring!

  37. The care and compassion nurses show towards their patients and patients family is amazing.

  38. I love how nurses are focused on the patient. Not just their diagnosis but the patient as a person with feelings. Doctors sometimes miss that point.

  39. Steven weber says

    I love how gentle they are with people.

  40. Barbara Montag says

    I love how patient and caring nurses are.
    thank you

  41. I love that nurses are always there to listen and help.

  42. I love how caring nurses are

  43. My husband had a nurse who had her young daughter make him cards. I love caring nurses!

  44. I love their dedication to their jobs!

  45. I love how nice and caring they are!

  46. What I love about nurses is that they are so helpful and caring!

  47. I love their dedication and energy.

  48. I love their patience and compassion.

  49. I know a lot of nurses and I love how much they care for their patients and how they comfort them in times of need and hurt.

  50. Patti Purelli says

    I love how pleasant, loving and caring nurses are. Behind every great doctor is an awesome nurse!

  51. I love their caring and kind attitude towards patients.

  52. Nursing is often a thankless job. They care for us and our loved ones at times risking their own health and safety.

  53. Natasha lamoreux says

    Awesome website! Thanks for the chance to win.

  54. I love that nurses are so caring

  55. The dedication! My grandma went to nursing school at the age of 50. She was very dedicated to her job and I’m very proud of her.

  56. i love nurses!

  57. Julie Wood says

    What I love about nurses is that they are always there for their patients by providing such loving care and support. I have been taken care of by so many awful nurses and they need to be recognized for all they do.

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