I Told Her How Great She Looked After Botox Treatment

When we are young such as our early 20’s most of us don’t think about how our looks will change when we reach our middle 30’s and older. We are to busy having fun, going the college and so on. My long time friend Gabby who is just two years older than me at 37 has been feeling like age is started to catch up with her looks. She has been starting to notice more than fine lines and wrinkles. Especially in her forehead, under the eyes and between the eyebrows.

It’s tough being a woman and watching your beauty transform in to wrinkles as you get older. As much as people say age is beautiful it’s not and it’s a painful reality for most woman. I understand some people feel different, but there are those of us who don’t feel as pretty as we once were when age catches up with our looks.

So my friend Gabby after a few months of much thinking, research and talking to doctors she decided to get a botox treatment in her forehead, under the eyes and between the eyebrows.The treatment didn’t take very long and we were told it would be and in and out visit. She also mentioned it was very painful, but she had a slight headache feel afterwords.

I was amazed at the fact that she could go right out after, and no one would be able to tell she just had botox. Actually we had a girls night out that night and no one knew anything. I could see the the difference in her forehead right away. Of course I told her how great she looked. Her forehead was smooth and the wrinkles were not visible. Botox has really improved her skin appearance. We took before and after botox pictures to show out other girlfriends who our around the same age as the both of us. They were also amazed at the difference.

Gabby had such a self esteem booster just from getting the botox treatments. I am now considering this myself. Have you ever had it done, and if so what did you think? Also should I consider getting botox?

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