iCoffee Review: Yes It Works, And Makes The Best Coffee!

Disclosure I received products in exchange for my honest review of the iCoffee. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing the iCoffee by Remington. As many of you already know I am a lover of all things coffee. I drink it morning, noon and before bed, and I prefer mine with cream and sugar. How do you like your coffee, and have you tried the new iCoffee machine? I have and love it!! Here’s why:

iCoffee Review: It Works, And Yes It's Makes The Best Coffee!

Let me first start off by saying the iCoffee machine is much different than your typical drip coffee brewers, single-serve brewers, and French Press by how the coffee is finessed inside the brewer. The iCoffee uses a unique SteamBrew Pre-Steam that unlocks the flavor of your favorite coffee. Inside the brewer window you can see as the coffee works it’s steam brew technology which stirs your favorite coffee releasing even more great flavors. The iCoffee also does not contain any lead or BPAs.

iCoffee is really simple to use and makes 12 cups of coffee within minutes. Has great features such as 24 hour programmable and auto off for safety. Comes with a reusable gold-tone filter. To brew coffee from the iCoffee machine just remove the brew basket and add your favorite coffee (use medium to coarse grind) and the amount of grounds needed.

iCoffee Review: It Works, And Yes It's Makes The Best Coffee!

Next add the appropriate amount of water. Now turn the machine on and start the brew. Once you start the coffee maker, it begins to pre-steam evenly applying proper moisture and heat. It’s like steaming vegetables to unlock nutrition and flavor. iCofffee uses the benefits of steam to open up and fully release a wonderful smooth, non bitter tasting coffee.

iCoffee Review: It Works, And Yes It's Makes The Best Coffee!

iCoffee Review: It Works, And Yes It's Makes The Best Coffee!

iCoffee Review: It Works, And Yes It's Makes The Best Coffee!

I noticed right away after making the first pot how much of a smoother flavor the coffee had compared to my drip brewer and k-cup brewer, and how it wasn’t bitter. I gave a cup to my husband this morning and he said, “Wow this is one of the best pots of coffee you have ever made!” And then he asked what I did different. I said I just used our new iCoffee machine.

Cleaning the iCoffee maker is easy. I watched this short video below I found on the iCoffee website. I was able to clean mine as quickly as they did in the video.

How To Clean

 iCoffee Review: It Works, And Yes It's Makes The Best Coffee!

iCoffee Review: It Works, And Yes It's Makes The Best Coffee!

I did a lot of research on the iCoffee machine before using it and writing this review. One review stuck out the most and that was about whether it really made the best coffee. Well after reading their review and how unsatisfied they were I had to make a pot and investigate for myself.

Much to my surprise they were completely wrong and the iCoffee actually makes some of the best tasting coffee I have ever had to date! And I will prove to you they were wrong and show my findings.  Apparently the reviewer ran into some problems they should not have. Number one they claimed they didn’t have a light colored coffee foam called crema in their poured cup of coffee as iCoffee advertised. That’s because iCoffee didn’t advertise you will have crema in your poured cup of coffee. Here is the answer to this from iCoffee’s website:

“The Rich Coffee Crema forms when the coffee is steambrewing. That rich coffee crema helps ensure an “impossibly smooth” tasting cup of coffee. By the time it hits the carafe the crema bubbles have burst and all you are left with is that impossibly smooth coffee flavor.”

Yes this really does leave you with the smoothest flavor!

The next problem the reviewer had I would like to clear up is: They claim nowhere did it say what amount of grounds to use per cup. Not true again. In the instruction booklet that comes with your machine and in the video below. Which can be found on iCoffee’s website or on YouTube, and it clearly states to add the appropriate amount of your favorite ground coffee to the brew basket. This means if you add so many scoops to every 6 cups of coffee to your regualr machine that’s what you would do with this one. It’s about preference and instructions of the coffee you are using. iCoffee also releases more flavor from the same amount of coffee and allows you to use less coffee to achieve the same boldness. 

How To Brew

The last problem this review mentioned was not knowing what type of grind to use in the iCoffee. Here is the answer to that on the iCoffee website that I had no issue finding. I used my favorite Folgers flavor that is a medium-coarse grind, and it came out wonderful with no issues and the flavor like I said was really wonderful and smooth with no bitter taste.

What brand of coffee and grind size should I use in the iCoffee?

“Use you favorite brand of coffee, iCoffee makes any brand taste “impossibly smooth”. We recommend that you use a medium to coarse grind, one that is commonly used in Auto/Manual drip brewers, Percolators or French Press makers. And it clearly states: PLEASE DO NOT use fine or extra fine grounds suitable for expresso or Turkish coffee.”

You can find the answers to these questions and more just as easy as I did on the iCoffee website on their frequently asked questions section. I hope that my review and experience with this brewer has answered any questions or issues you may have had with your new iCoffee machine.

Final thought: If you love good coffee like I do, the iCoffee is for you and is well worth the money. If you read the instruction and use the iCoffee machine as intended you will be very pleased. Plus you save money by using fewer grounds and no filters. And it’s the most unbelievably easy to make, best smooth tasting coffee yet! You can purchase the iCoffee today on Amazon.com or at many retailers. Click here to find a retailer near you. To learn more be sure to visit their site at icoffee.com.

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway… our old drip coffee machine is just not cutting it; inconsistent taste i.e. bitterness, and I hate the paper filters !!!

  2. My biggest complaint is that my coffee maker doesn’t keep my coffee warm and that is why I’d like to win!

  3. Beverly Metcalf says

    My old coffeemaker leaks a little, but otherwise it makes pretty good coffee. The icoffee coffeemaker looks like it works really good and I would love one that doesn’t leak water all over the countertop. Thanks for having this contest.

  4. The biggest problem is that for some reason the grounds get into the pot. I want to win because this looks awesome!

  5. Buddy Garrett says

    My biggest complaint is our coffee has a bitter taste even after cleaning the pot. This coffee maker would give my wife a great cup of coffee to start her day.

  6. Tabathia B says

    I would say trying to match the exact flavor that you get when its brewed elsewhere and I want to win because I enjoy a cup every morning

  7. Jessica Holmes says

    I really hate cleaning up after using the coffee pot and I would like a coffee pot that makes it easier on me.

  8. Jacqueline Weiskopff says

    Actually, I look forward to my morning cup of coffee from my coffee pot. I admit, I love coffee from a coffee house, but there’s nothing like a cup of hot brew first thing in the morning.

  9. Angela W says

    Making a good tasting cup consistently

  10. Carolyn Daley says

    The only complaint I have is how long it takes to brew a pot.

  11. Vicki D. says

    We have to use a lot of grounds for our coffee to taste good. This coffee maker states that you can use less grounds to achieve the same taste. This would help to save money because coffee is quite expensive.

  12. Bitter and runny coffee is not good!

  13. melina r says

    My biggest complain about making coffee at home is that most of the pot goes to waste because only one person drinks coffee in this house. I would love to win this so I can only make only cup of coffee at a time.

  14. Brenda Elsner says

    My biggest complaint is not being able to make coffee because I don’t have a pot to make coffee in so we have to use instant.

  15. Charlene says

    I usually make the coffee too strong or not strong enough 🙂

  16. susan smoaks says

    i hate it when some coffee grounds get into my coffee. i am tony l smoaks on rafflecopter.

  17. Melanie Montgomery says

    I always manage to make a mess while pouring it.

  18. angela cunningham says

    I hate to clean up afterwards

  19. sheila k says

    I don’t own a coffee maker.

  20. amy deeter says

    it takes to long to make and this would be so easy and simple

  21. Kim Parrott says

    My coffee tastes a bit bitter sometimes

  22. Julie Hawkins says

    My coffee I make at home never tastes that good. That’s why I’d like to win this!

  23. natasha tucker says

    the coffe never tastes just right, its usually too weak or too strong.

  24. How long it takes to clean my coffee pot is a bit bothersome and I hate doing it!

  25. Tiffany Greene Elliott says

    My biggest complaint is how long it takes to make a cup of coffee with my old 4 cup coffeemaker! I would love to win because I would be able to make coffee quicker and taste better!! Thank you!

  26. kim fenner says

    The wait time and lack of variety. I could buy a lot of different flavors, but that would be costly.

  27. Barb Stenby says

    bitter taste and watery tasting coffee

  28. my coffee making methods only do 1 cup at a time 🙁

  29. My complaints about regular coffee makers include they do not keep the coffee warm without burning and the amount of coffee you have to use for full flavor, you cannot get a cup of coffee that tastes like you buy out in stores.

  30. Kathy Pease says

    My complaint is that my coffee maker doesn’t seem to keep the coffee hot I always have to microwave..I want to win this because I think my pot is on its last leg and this would be awesome 🙂

  31. Donna Pyszk says

    Sometimes coffee takes so long to brew. Would love to win this because of how fast it is.

  32. s riches says

    My coffee maker seems to leak at the worst times.

  33. joe gersch says

    making coffee at home takes time and this would help by speeding it up

  34. John Hutchens says

    My coffee does not taste like coffee, just colored water

  35. Mya Murphy says

    K-cups being soooo expensive is my biggest complaint!

  36. Lorayne Gothard says

    My complaint is that when I put the water in, it starts to come out on the burner before I get the pot back in place!!

  37. It doesn’t always taste as good as I’d like. I’d love something new to try.

  38. Ingrid Jackson says

    My worst complaint is that it takes my coffee about 15 minutes to brew, a bit slow. I would love to win a decent coffee maker that would make me a happier coffee drinker in the mornings.

  39. Melanie Comello says

    My biggest problem with brewing coffee at home, is that it takes sooooo long!!

  40. Our coffee does not taste as good even though we buy good brands. Hopefully this will make it worth the money we spend

  41. Karrie Millheim says

    My coffee maker is on its way out and would love to own one as beautiful as this one is. I dont like that the coffee is not as strong as i would like

  42. Linda G. says

    My coffee maker is old and leaks sometimes.

  43. Dorothy Deakyne says

    taste bitter whenever I make it

  44. Lori Taube says

    My biggest complaint is that my cheap coffee makers makes any coffee taste burnt.

  45. tina reynolds says

    I must start my day with coffee hubby is the same way he must

  46. lori Walker says

    I don’t like that my coffee maker makes a mess on my counter! I’d like to win to share with my husband.

  47. Rebecca Peters says

    when the grounds leak into the coffee!

  48. Daniel M says

    takes too long to make the coffee!

  49. Jodie R. says

    I don’t have an at home coffee machine at all, so I have to use the instant powder stuff- that’s why I want to win.

  50. I can’t seem to get that rich robust taste like coffee shops. We have 4 coffee drinkers in the house and the icoffee would be such a treat to use.

  51. Wendy Rozema says

    My biggest complaint is that my coffee is normally too weak or too strong! I’d like to win this b/c it looks so easy to use & looks like it makes awesome coffee!!

  52. Nancy Meyer says

    My biggest complaint is being sure I get the coffee strong enough. I hate weak coffee.

  53. Jaime Cummings says

    The biggest problem I have is not being able to set a timer on my coffee maker. It only has one button, on/off. I would love to win this and update our current coffee maker!

  54. misty lindsay says

    love it

  55. Takes too long to brew

  56. Its a challenge for people with my disability – that have the use of 1 hand (after being injured by a driver that had no insurance) this makes it a challenge to making the perfect coffee and this would be a huge blessing!

    A lot of reasons come to mind for the reason I’d want to win, and that happens to be one of many reasons. There’s always other reasons I would love to win, and there likely always will be, but more often then not, I have been stuck using hand me downs from my family. Over time, I hope to have the ability to get new appliances / home make over, through life (which has been a challenge since being injured in a car & pedestrian accident) the best response would have to be this would be quite the benefit especially on days when I have appointments early in the morning.

  57. chickie brewer says

    I don’t like cleaning up afterwards.

  58. Karen Drake says

    The problem I have is the bitter taste no matter what brand of coffee I buy. I would love to try this coffee maker since it promises a smooth flavor.

  59. Leanne G says

    My biggest complaint is the number of cups mine makes. I need one that makes more than 4 cups!

  60. Sarah Hall says

    My husband makes the coffee and makes a big mess sometimes. Also the coffee does not have that good just brewed flavor that it should. If I had this machine, maybe it would taste better.

  61. Ronda Patrick says

    The biggest complaint I have is that there is a “burn” taste to the coffee with my current coffeemaker at home!

  62. Russell Moore says

    My problem with coffee has always been that it doesn’t taste as good as it smells. I’d like to win this is because of all the reviews saying how smooth the taste is.

  63. krystal wethington says

    It is usually to strong.I would love this because it would be so eay to use and make.

  64. Thomas lockhart says

    cleaning is the worst

  65. Sky Evans says

    I want it since it’s better than homemade coffee.

  66. MARIA simon says

    we love coffee and this would be great..we sometimes do instant bc we always in a hurry..this looks fantastic

  67. Thomas Murphy says

    The coffee I make at home just is not very good so maybe this one would be better.

  68. Heather Walker says

    I love coffee and trying new kinda, but what I have now is too bland.

  69. My coffee pot doesn’t have a timer and takes forever to brew.

  70. Lauren Olivia Wood says

    Having too much cleanup is my complaint. I would love to win this because our percolator just broke.

  71. paige chandler says

    I’ve been using a french press and it gets grounds in my cup…UGH

  72. Danielle hall says

    i dont like that you either get a bitter taste or a stale taste

  73. Charlotte Padgett says

    We’ve been using a one-cup maker for as long as I can remember. Sure would be nice to have a coffee-maker.

  74. Andrew Nenstiel says

    Cleaning out the coffee maker is my biggest complaint.

  75. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I always feel like I’m disappointed with the taste. I would love to try this machine out and switch things up!

  76. Ashley Morrissey says

    My coffee machine makes it taste like crap!

  77. Anastasia says

    I can never get it to taste as good as the coffee shop! I don’t know if it’s my old, crappy machine or if it’s just me! I’d love to give this a try and find out 🙂

  78. k cups can get expensive

  79. Tiffany Hearn says

    My biggest complaint is it takes too long for my coffee maker to make a full pot.

  80. jose benavides says

    my biggest complaint is the coffee ground left overs and the clean up ..

  81. My complaint would be that frequently the coffee is too bitter. I won’t drink coffee like that.

  82. danielle Marie says

    for me it is how terrible it ends up tasting in my cheap coffee maker.

  83. Reginald S says

    My problem is sometimes my coffee is bitter, although I think I’m making it the same way every time. i would like to win this coffee maker so I can enjoy smooth, delicious coffee every cup!

  84. Luke Covert says

    My biggest complaint is having grinds go everywhere and how long my coffee maker takes! I need a new one!

  85. It’s just never as good when I make it!

  86. soha molina says

    I can’t make it so it tastes good.

  87. I forget to turn it on when I wake up so it’s ready when I leave for work

  88. My coffee doesnt always turn out good

  89. Wanda McHenry says

    My biggest complaint is although we keep our coffee maker clean and descaled, sometimes the coffee tastes bitter but other times it’s fine. I think this machine would alleviate that problem!

  90. Tiffany Hartwell says

    It always tastes so bitter. I would love to taste icoffee coffee.

  91. I don’t have any problem making coffee at home. I do have a problem buying it elsewhere as it costs so much more than making it at home

  92. jessica holybee says

    My coffee pot is single serve and some days I want more then one cup. Also it makes a strong cup .

  93. tricia dunkle says

    My coffee always comes out way too weak

  94. rickel bart says

    we all make it different strengths and in unpredictable amounts. we could so use a machine to wake us up to perfect coffee!

  95. Amry Still says

    My biggest complaint is coffee grounds in the pot. Im hoping this machine wont cause that.

  96. Misty Lunceford says

    My biggest complaint is about the coffee grinds everywhere and also I can never get it right. Either it is too strong or too weak.

  97. virgil poore says

    i dont drink coffee but my wife does and she has a coffee pot for past 4 years i think she got on sale for $10 and the cup for the coffee grinds doesnt fit well and she fusses about that..she would love to have this!

  98. My complaint is that the k cups arent that great, and i dont have time to grind my own beans and stuff. i’d love to try this coffeemaker

  99. Danielle D says

    never tastes as good!

  100. Mihaela Day says

    My biggest coffee complaint is mine often seems to come out tasting very bitter

  101. no matter how much I wash out my coffee maker, it always taste dirty…

  102. I feel like I’m not getting the most out of the amount of coffee being used by the looks of the brew basket and that annoys me. This brewing system may solve this problem and is the reason I’d like to win it.

  103. The clean up of the pot and the burnt taste

  104. Lillian Milstead says

    I hate the messy filters and the costly coffee cups you have to buy to make coffee at home

  105. Dawn Monroe says

    I dont like when I forget to turn. it off in the morning. I like that the icoffee shuts off in two hours.

  106. Jessica Lodge says

    My largest complaint would be that my coffee maker gives me a bitter tasting coffee. Even with a gold filter and paper filter I just don’t feel like it’s giving me the best quality brew. I’m a SAHM and I drink coffee all day long so I would really like a new machine so I can enjoy my coffee again.

  107. Marilyn Muraski says

    My coffeemaker makes bitter tasting coffee and I hate that. Would love to have a great cup of coffee to wake up to each morning.

  108. Samantha Hill says

    I’m never sure how much coffee to put in and either end up with weak coffee or wasted coffee grounds

  109. Love it!!!

  110. joyce scheminant says

    I hate having to remove the messy filters.

  111. kcups can get expensive

  112. Danielle says

    I spill water everywhere when I put the water in and sometimes it releases pressure and blows the coffee grounds back into the water

  113. Would love to win – thank you!

  114. Sounds good.

  115. Eric Duhs says

    I want coffee every single day. Our machine is what you might refer to as “elderly”: and needs replaced.

  116. Toni Schlinsog says

    This looks like an awesome coffee maker!

  117. mark hibbing says

    nice to win

  118. My biggest coffee problem is that all I can make is one cup at a time – I’d love to win so I could ditch my old Mr. Coffee 1 Cup!

  119. Jessica Arena says

    My biggest coffee complaint is mine often seems to come out tasting very bitter, so I have to use a ton of sweetener to make it palatable. I’d love to win because my coffee maker is suuuuper old – I’m not in a place to buy one right now so I inherited it from a friend, and it just doesn’t get the job done very well!

  120. Susan Chester says

    My problem is the canal where I pour in the water on my maker is very tiny and I always spill water on the counter.

  121. Blanca Shaffer says

    I would love to win this

  122. My coffee maker is on it’s last legs so I would really love to win this!!!

  123. Never tastes just right or the same each time.

  124. Making a good tasting cup.

  125. cleaning up after making it.

  126. Just can’t seem to make coffee , everyday day it’s a different taste!

  127. John Kraichely says

    Cleaning the filter

  128. Carissa Knotts says

    It tastes burnt and stale after awhile.

  129. Margie Blake says

    My coffee is never made with really hot/steam water so the full flavor is lacking. I would like one that quickly makes a full bodied cup of java, like this one does.

  130. dana triana says

    I hate cleaning out the filter.

  131. Nicole Robert says

    My machine is determined to throw grounds back into my coffee so the last cup tends to be chewy!!

  132. It never tastes like the coffee I get out of the stores! Haha, Wish I could make good stuff at home!

  133. Can be cleaned easily in the dish washer !!

  134. I always end up with bitter coffee instead of a good strong pot.

  135. julie murphy says

    It doesn’t taste as good as diner coffee.

  136. The time and mess involved in preparing and cleaning.

  137. My biggest complaint is getting a consistently good cup of coffee. I make it the same everyday, some days it’s good other days it’s bitter and undrinkable. I’m stumped and convinced it has to be the coffee maker. I would love to win this coffee maker as I bet it makes an excellent cup of coffee every time. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  138. Coffee never gets or stays as hot ass I want, so this sounds like a dream!!!

  139. Misty Mondy says

    I would love to win the icoffee! Our coffee maker has temper tantrums – sometimes leaks, sometimes overflows, spits coffee grounds all over, ugh.

  140. My machine is determined to throw grounds back into my coffee so the last cup tends to be chewy!! Not always but enough to be annoying

  141. It would be great to win this coffee maker. I LOVE to drink coffee and this would be a wonderful applicane for my kitchen!! Thanks

  142. I’d like to have this

  143. Damita Kilgore says

    I always end up with coffee grinds in the bottom of my cup and I would love to have a coffeemaker that doesn’t use filters.

  144. would love to try it.

  145. Donna Hancock says

    When the coffee pot gets stopped up.

  146. I don’t have a coffee machine…. Sigh!!!!

  147. tammy ramey says

    the problem i have is it is usually bitter after just a couple of cups. once the coffee has been made and sat for any length of time it can become quite bitter and it doesn’t seem to matter what the brand of coffee is.
    it would be nice if this coffee pot could take that out of the coffee.

    tammy ramey

  148. Good Coffee starts with an Apple a Day!!

  149. Nicole Becker says

    My biggest complaint is that I am using a cheap coffee machine and the coffee tastes like mud everytime I make a cup. I would love to have one because I spend alot of money on coffee everyday at WAWA.

  150. I can never keep the coffee hot, and it never tastes as good as a diner.

  151. Joyce Raymond says

    My biggest pet peeve about brewing coffee is that you can never really know how much ground coffee to put in the filter. It’s hard to be consistent unless you always use the same brand of coffee. I should win this because, one Christmas I received a cappuccino machine which I loved sooo much. I was so happy and I made coffee for all of my friends. However, the @#@hole I had married didn’t like a four letter word…work…and the bills were piling up. It got to the point where I had to have a yard sale, and many of my things had to be sold, including my cappuccino machine. I should win this one so because in over 20 years I haven’t been able to replace it.

  152. Right up my alley. Thank-you.

  153. shawn randall says

    my coffee make is on its last leg, i have pour hot water from the microwave over the filter, it wont brew the heat pad still works a little, need a coffee maker soon

  154. i’m so sick of instant coffee i could barf

  155. Laurie Strawbridge says

    My biggest complaint with my coffeemaker is the acidy taste when there’s buildup in the carafe and the machine. It’s a pain to clean and never quite works.

  156. This would be a great birthday gift for…ME (it’s tomorrow)!!!!

  157. Tamara Sorensen-Yager says

    I hate coffee machines that take forever to make a cup,that’s why I would love to give your a chance,so I would love to win your I coffee machine,and I love that I won’t have to buy filters. Thanks

  158. Christopher says

    No complaints here, We enjoy COFFEE at home. We just wanted “to comment to enter to win” the iCoffee by Remington. Did We mention that We enjoy COFFEE. So to win the iCoffee by Remington would be more enjoyment of COFFEE at home.

  159. I don’t like the weak flavor that I get when I use my one cup machine.

  160. I drink my coffee with cream and sugar, as well. Especially flavored creamer…..

  161. Jamie Hannigan says

    I love coffee but my regular coffee pot isnt cutting it anymore! Would love new technology!!!

  162. The biggest problem is that its not the same every time and sometimes its bitter and and has grounds in the bottom from my K cups

  163. Elaine Grant says

    My husband would love me so much if I won this!

  164. Tammy Brown says

    My biggest complaint? My coffee pot takes over a half an hour to brew!!

  165. Donna Dennis says

    The coffee doesn’t taste as rich and smooth as I want.

  166. Lorina Padgett says

    We don’t currently own a coffee maker but I love coffee and so does my husband.

  167. Love good coffee and this will make perfect pot.

  168. kelly woods says

    I either make too much or not enough. I would love to bless my husband with this. It would be a real blessing. Thanks for the chance.

  169. Carolyn Massey says

    It takes forever for the coffee to brew. We drink a lot of coffee and our coffee makers don’t seem to last very long, always replacing them.

  170. The biggest problem I have with coffee at home is the time it takes for it to brew. If I won this unit I would put it in my office at work where it would get used everyday.

  171. My biggest complaint is that I have lost two coffee makers recently. One died of overuse. The new one had a spring in the coffee basket which came loose and I cannot force it back into the little hole. Dried or crystals of coffee do not meet my goal for a good cup. Perhaps this will one will do just that!

  172. I like anything that is easy to use.

  173. Cathy Philipps says

    I dont have a problem with making coffee at home but this sounds like a great machine!

  174. Cristie Brewer says

    My major complaint is I have to buy Simply Smooth which is 14.99 from Folgers, now I love Folgers but I don’t think I should have to pay DOUBLE the normal price of regular coffee just to get it smooth. This machine would save me a ton of money considering I am also a coffee drinker morning, noon, and night.

  175. My biggest complaint is the amount of time and energy it takes to make coffee.

  176. john mcclure says

    i love coffee, several pots per day

  177. I want to win this so I don’t have to boil the coffee and drink grounds.

  178. Natalie Perry says

    My coffee maker take a lot of time to brew, and in morning I just don’t have that much time and get more impatient. a new coffee maker would definitely help

  179. Pamela Makuta says

    I am impatient! I don’t like to wait too long to get my caffeine fix. And I hate when coffee gets cold during the cold winter mornings.

  180. Rose Shartle says

    Coffee is not hot enough and I do not like drinking it lone

  181. Ashley Trail says

    Nothing ever tastes as good made by you, then when someone else makes it for you! I have had coffee made from a simple percolator and they seem to taste the best , I hate the waste with paper filters as well

  182. Gena McElhose says

    The problem that my husband and I have found with coffee at home is we can never make it “just right”

  183. debra dubois says

    Hi! My coffee pot is about 10 years old and the worst problem i have is my coffee grinds atr always in the bottom of my mug. Thanks!

  184. christopher says

    It’s just never quite the same as when you get it out.

  185. This would be a PERKfit gift for me………thank u in advance………..LOL

  186. raymond eldridge says

    It looks like a great prize!

  187. christine burd says

    The coffee is not hot enough and either too strong or too weak. I need a new coffee maker as mine is so old

  188. Kathryn Mackey says


  189. It just tastes better when someone else makes it.

  190. Kelly Shafer says

    My husband and I are big coffee drinkers and need to drink more at home.

  191. shelia hall says

    Can’t get the strength right and coffee seems bitter

  192. Cecilia Griffin says

    Hope I can win. Really need.

  193. hoping to win

  194. would love to win


    Love my coffee

  196. Either to weak or to strong!!!!!!!!!

  197. Cyndy Toupin says

    I don’t make coffee from home, we buy our coffee out (bad habit)!

  198. My coffee is never hot enough!

  199. The problem I have is the sorry coffee makers that we have. One day it will be too hot, the next day not hot enough. Then all of a sudden the cheap maker just quits working at all.

  200. Tonya Filleman says

    I always forget!! Then I don’t have it in time!

  201. I have trouble getting just the right brew…sometimes it’s too weak, other times too strong. Would love to win this iCoffee Machine!

  202. Leonard Cage says

    Coffee is never hot enough

  203. Matt Strohbehn says

    Sounds like this makes a consistently good cup of coffee, which is tough to achieve at home.

  204. This would be a great upgrade from my dinky little 4 cup machine.

  205. My coffee comes out to weak or to strong, would love love to win this coffee maker

  206. I hate how long it takes to make coffee with a typical coffee maker and how it seems that if it sits for even a half hour it tastes awful! Yuck! I would love to win simply because I haven’t had a coffee maker in years and would love to have one again! 😀

  207. Shanna Gardner says

    not as premium tasting as the coffee shop

  208. Good Luck Everyone!

  209. I have trouble getting it too strong and sometimes bitter tasting.

  210. I love to drink coffee

  211. My biggest problem is with coffee staying fresh when it’s not freshly-ground.

  212. Leighann Floyd says

    I don’t care for coffee but my dad loves it and this would be a great gift for him, lord knows he’s done so much for me that any way I can give back is wonderful.

  213. Deidre Jordan says

    The coffee grinds get into my mug.

  214. we just really need a new coffee maker the one we have my parents gave us about seven years ago still works but takes a while to heat up the coffee this one looks really neat and easy to use

  215. I love to drink coffee and would love to win this.

  216. We have a Keurig. It is great when you only want one cup of coffee, but not when we have guests over. The little K cups are just so expensive and we cannot control the strength of the coffee. I would love to have this to use when family comes to visit. Thank you for offering the giveaway.

  217. One of my biggest problem is grinds in coffee and the time it takes to brew.
    I would love to win this prize because it is high quality.

  218. What a cool product! Thank you for reviewing it!

  219. I hate how I can go home with a name brand coffee and have it taste absolutely wonderful one day and the next bitter. That or when I make coffee at home it just seems to fall short of my favorite coffee café. I would love to get this and give it a try!

  220. Problem is grounds
    Win would replace dying coffee maker and cut down on creamer with less bitter coffee

  221. kathleen viviano says

    understanding what grind to use to get the best results has always been hard for me.

  222. Would love to see this on my kitchen counter!

  223. Michelle Nelson says

    Cleaning up afterwards!

  224. I really don’t have many problems with my coffee maker. It is a cheap thing. A fancy coffee maker would be nice

  225. Amanda Heimann says

    I hate the measuring of the grounds cause I always spill them all over the place.

  226. Sherri Schroeder says

    I hate dealing with the messy filter. I’d love to win this because it doesn’t use one!

  227. Susan Bukrey says

    I love my coffee and my dollar store pot needs to be replaced with a real coffee pot-this would be awesome!

  228. Mathew Katz says

    My Coffee maker doesnt make my coffee hot enough. I need to nuke it after I brew it. I need the iCoffee.

  229. Kelly Payton says

    My mom has a coffee bean grinder but the coffee still doesn’t taste like fresh strong brewed coffee.

  230. JUDITH MANUEL says


  231. my coffee doesn’t stay hot.i drink about 3 pots a day.i’d love to have this pot…

  232. ed goldstein says

    too much work pouring grinds and water and cleaning up

  233. I love coffee and MUST drink it everyday! LOL What I don’t like about my coffee is despite being a good brand, it has a bitter taste to it. I figure this is due to the grinding and the drip machine and icoffee sounds like a much better way to get the most out of my coffee!

  234. Even when I measure the coffee, seems like each pot of coffee has a different taste

  235. My biggest complaint, is that I either make it too strong or too weak, I can never get it right.

  236. My biggest complaint is the time and effort to get it just the way I like it.

  237. Getting a good cup of coffee seems to always be difficult.

  238. My biggest complaint is that cleaning my pot and getting it ready to make coffee is really messy and a lot of work. That is why I would like to win this one too.

  239. I would like a new one, because I’m using a $10 coffee maker.

  240. Monique Rizzo says

    My problem is coffee at home is weak!
    Thanks for the chance.

  241. Jack Palmer says

    my biggest complaint is getting just the right amount of coffee so it is not too strong or too weak.

  242. When I make it at home – it’s never the right strength and is usually bitter 🙁 I’d love to win because it sounds like this appliance would correct this problem!!

  243. jillian warner says

    i hate putting the water in

  244. tammy smith says

    Seems like alot of work for just 1 cup of coffee

  245. Looks good. I like it.

  246. Phillip Russell says

    it’s not as good as what you buy out

  247. It is the sediment at the bottom of the pot.. I would love to win this coffee maker for a fresh cup of coffee.. I Love Coffee..

  248. Raymond Langer says

    My biggest complaint is getting coffee grounds in my cup of coffee.

  249. It takes too long

  250. tara pittman says

    It is time consuming.

  251. Rachel Byrne says

    Inconsistent-tasting coffee is my complaint!

  252. Coffee grounds in the pot

  253. Misty billman says

    I always see to make it to strong even when I, not putting a lot in ?

  254. I can never seem to make coffee just right! It’s either too weak or too strong, nothing like when I buy it…not to mention I hate when I get coffee grinds in it. Ugh! Unfortunately I can’t afford to buy it every day, way too expensive, so I settle for mine. Winning this coffee maker would be great! I would love to be able to replace my 6yo maker and finally make some good/quality pots at home!

  255. This sounds delicious! My biggest problem with coffee making at home is the waste…either the paper filter or the kcups. I like that this has a reusable filter. I could definitely use something to perk me up and make me feel a bit greener!

  256. Shawn Stover says

    Grinds in coffee

  257. Measuring the right amount to use is always a problem for my husband and me.

  258. Rebecca Graham says

    The expense of K-Cups I use.

  259. Lee Wei Liao says

    Taste just not right for the coffee made myself…

  260. Adrianna Holbrook says

    My biggest complaint is that since I’m the only coffee drinker at home I always feel like I make too much

  261. my coffee is too strong at home, and this could make me perfect coffee.

  262. tara darity says

    I hate the paper filters!!!

  263. Brittney House says

    My complaint is making a whole pot of coffee and only drinking one cup and wasting the rest.

  264. Meghan Malicoat says

    My biggest complaint is how long it takes the coffee to brew. I want instant gratification, not to having to wait 20 minutes for my coffee to brew would be amazing.

  265. I don’t even have a coffee maker at home. That’s why I want to win.

  266. Paper filters are a pain to deal with in the any time especially in the morning.

  267. Kymberly Pray says

    I often think to myself, “I need coffee to wake me enough to make coffee.” The hotter and stronger the better. Unfortunately, with my little two-cup job, other than the very first cup, all the following ones are tepid. I end up pouring the coffee into my mug then putting it into the microwave. The machine was very inexpensive and is obviously a case of you get what you pay for.

  268. I have to be alert enough to make coffee before I have my first cup of coffee.

  269. I hate trying to figure out the “right” amount of coffee to use so that I get a nice strong glass, but it doesn’t overflow when I turn the machine on. I would love to win because this would be a huge upgrade from the machine we have now.

  270. Either too much or too little too strong or too weak

  271. Mary Beth Elderton says

    It’s hard to get a really strong, rich coffee out of a standard coffeemaker.

  272. RICHARD HICKS says

    Forgot to mention that I want to win this because our current coffee maker is 4 years old and needing to be replaced!

  273. RICHARD HICKS says

    I hate the paper filters. Trying to separate them to get just one is a pain sometimes!

  274. My biggest complaint is it take me a lot of time to make a cup of coffee with my current machine.

  275. I have a really old coffee maker so it takes so long and it is never hot enough!

  276. It never tastes like the coffee I get out of the stores! Haha, Wish I could make good stuff at home!

  277. Denise Elmer says

    I have tried dozens of coffee makers and brands of coffee. It all tastes the same. I’d love a coffee maker that defines the true taste of the beans.

  278. heather baker says

    The grounds in the bottom of the pot, it is gross.

  279. Janice Cooper says

    My mother-in-law likes to make it fast and a single serving. I would like to win because she deserves a new coffee maker.

  280. Sometimes when I’m not careful, the filter gets folded over and the coffee is weak and tasteless.

  281. K-Cups are so expensive

  282. i can never make the perfect cup of coffee

  283. my coffee makers coffee never tastes the same way twice and has to be propped up with a spoon to keep from over filling the travel mug on one side

  284. Two things. 1, i want coffee ready when i wake up in the morning and 2, i hate when there’s coffee grinds on the bottom.

  285. I hate when I get coffee grinds in the coffee when brewing at home. I would like to win because our coffee maker is getting plugged up due to our hard water.

  286. It never seems to be as good as out. I would love to try a new one to get the coffee flavor.

  287. Shannon Baas says

    How long it takes.

  288. I have a hard time keeping the coffee pot clean. Easy cleanup would be great

  289. Julia Frank says

    I want to have the exact coffee taste !

  290. Crystal Rogers Walker says

    I hate paper filters and I would love to win this because it has a non paper filter and my coffeepot says it’s ready to retire, lol

  291. Van be cleaned easily in the dish washer ! this is a very imp. feature for me 🙂

  292. I want to win cause I want a coffee maker that can be cleaned easily just like iCoffee !!!

  293. I don’t like cleaning up the pot when done! I can’t get the stains out! I’d love a new, shiny coffee pot!

  294. The biggest problem I have is never being able to get the coffee to turn out with a rich full flavor-there seems to be too much bitterness. This coffee maker uses less coffee and is able to get more flavor out of the coffee to give it a smooth flavor. I want to win this coffee maker because this coffee maker will give me a more smooth and mellow cup of coffee without the bitterness.

  295. The problem that my husband and I have found with coffee at home is we can never make it “just right” and it is either too strong/weak.

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