Important Car Tools That Can Keep The Mechanic Away

Car maintenance is not as tedious as perceived, and can be easily upkept. All you need to have few essential car tools to be kept in your vehicle always. There could be times when one gets stuck in the middle of the road, and then, only these car tools can help you fix the trouble. 

Not only, carrying these crucial tools in your car will assist you in the time of need, you won’t require calling road assistance for small, uncomplicated tasks. Plus, this will also help you save your hard-earned money.

Let’s look at some of the vital car tools that you can use to avoid expensive repairs. 

Jack, Wrench, and Tire Iron 

These are some of the essential tools to keep in your car whenever you head for a long trip. The tools will be handy, especially when you encounter a flat tire. 

All you need is to place the jack under the car, very close to the flat tire, for lifting the vehicle upwards and you’ll be able to replace the flat tire comfortably. To remove the wheel lugs or bolt, a wrench will help you out in that, while the tire iron will let you put the wheel lugs back to the spare tire on the wheel. 

The wrench is also used to remove the oil tank bolt, and whenever you perform an oil change, better use it. You can always look for an auto parts warehouse to buy these tools if you don’t have them already. 

Funnel for fluids

This tool will help you during the chores like replacing the fluids such as fluid, oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, etc., Fluid change as per schedule is the most critical part of maintenance, which needs to be performed regularly without fail. 

Hence, this tool will ease all your troubles related to changing the fluids, helping you not spill the oil while filling up the fluid reservoirs.

Tire Pressure Gauge

This tool is one of the most ignored tools by car owners. It will help you keep your car tires inflated adequately at all times. Correct tire pressure plays a huge role in achieving optimal fuel economy, reducing the average amount of fuel used by 3-4%. 

On the contrary, under-inflated tires always make the engine work harder, thus reducing the fuel efficiency. So, make sure to check the pressure and keep the same at the appropriate level before heading towards any journey. 

Checking the air pressure is a straightforward task; you need to place a tire pressure gauge over the nozzle of your tire. The tool will show you the reading information. Just tally the reading with that recommended in the owner’s manual.


As much as they are essential for your home, screwdrivers can be lifesavers for your vehicle too. Your car has many screws in it, and a good screwdriver can help you access them properly. 

Make sure you have a complete set, from small screwdrivers to flat head ones. The latter can also work as a prying tool. And the little ones can be used for electronic components. 

Final Word

If you’re driving in the middle of a desert or your car faces a breakdown when you need to reach somewhere urgently, the last thing you want is to look for a car mechanic. The point is, a car mechanic may not be around all the time. Moreover, it’s not advisable to spend money on repairs you can do yourself. 

Make sure you have the tools mentioned in this article and learn how to use them. You won’t always have to approach a car mechanic, if you know some DIY maintenance and repair. 

Good luck!

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