Important Safety Tips When Repairing Your Own Vehicle

Many people with mechanic experience or not choose sometimes to try an repair thier own vehicles for many reasons. Maybe past experience, to save money, or just the know how. Some even do it because they have yet to find a trustworthy mechanic which leads them to do it on their own. However making the decisions to work on your own vehicle can be fun, but it’s got some potential dangers if you don’t use common sense. Ada Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram wants you to be safe when doing your own repairs. So please take these basic safety tips to avoid injury to yourself or vehicle:

Important Safety Tips When Repairing Your Own Vehicle

Plan ahead

Not all cars are the same. Different brands an models all have different parts. Your going to need to right tools for the job you want to accomplish. Plan ahead, so you can be sue you have everything you need. 

When in doubt seek out a professional

Never try an attempt vehicle repairs that are beyond your ability. When in doubt seek out professional to do the work. The last thing you wanna do is break something and have to pay more money. Many vehicle repairs beyond normal maintenance can be difficult, and require a bit more skill, special tools and equipment.

Make sure the engine has cooled down

Before you do any auto repairs always, always turn off the engine and let it cool down. Not letting the engine cool down can result in some serious burns.

Follow your owners manual 

Never ignore the advice of your vehicle’s owner’s manual. This can cause problems and put your safety at risk. So before you start the work please check that your are going by your manual’s recommendations. 

Don’t buy cheap car parts

You don’t always have to buy the top of line most expensive auto parts on the market, but you also don’t want the very cheapest parts either. The best deal, is not always the best option. Don’t sacrifice quality for price. Find out what brands best for your car and stick with it. You want parts that are going to function well and last a long time.


When doing vehicle repairs there’s going to be toxic chemicals such as coolant, motor oil, cleaners and more. It’s important that you keeps these away from your pets, children, mouth and eyes. Keep your hands thoroughly washed often.

Always remember to take caution when repairing your own vehicle. Ensure that you’re as safe as can be on the road. 

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