Interested In Interior Design? Ways To Get Into It For Real

If you have ever put together a scrapbook or used Pinterest to make a board about interior decorating, then you are probably on the hunt for a good project. Interior design is a great job if you can get it, but most of us are left dreaming about it instead of doing it. Designing people’s decor is a highly competitive industry but oh so much fun! If you do enjoy doing it, there is still a way you can earn a little money.

If you don’t need a wage from your passion for design, you can always do it for fun. You may choose to charge a nominal sum for your efforts and input. Alternatively, you may take a percentage of any budget that is given to you. If you know someone who is looking to change their decor, you could offer your services. Taking on a design project is tedious for those who don’t share your passion, so they may be grateful for your input and help.

If someone wanted to give their bedroom a new look, you might take on their project. A bedroom is a good first project to undertake if you are looking to make a name for yourself in this area. Start with the walls. If all they need is a coat of paint, provide your client with some of the newest colors on offer out there. Discuss the options one color would lead to in terms of the rest of the room. If the furniture is not to be replaced, this may restrict your options. Next, you want to think about floor coverings.

More and more people are shying away from carpet in the bedroom. You could choose a bold color rug or textured mat to bring some interest into the room. The choice of stain or color for a hardwood floor may be limited by a budget. Alternatively, this might be your client’s priority so have a look online to see what other designers are doing.

Next, choose some matching bedding sets. You may want to look at luxury bed linen to give that extra special feel. Choose whites with patterns or bold blocks. Your choices of wall and floor coverings will greatly influence any decisions here. You may choose to match or to clash to create an interesting character in the room.

Finally, look at the finishing touches. Small vases and flowers, or ornaments can be interesting. Photos and soft toys tend to be more personal so you will need to discuss with your clients which of these small touches she would like. Lighting in a bedroom is not as important as other rooms, but the design of them needs to be in character with the rest of the room. Kitsch or modern chairs will be chosen to match too. Some bedrooms are chosen for their clean lines and minimalist feel, while others are full of color and softness in terms of fabrics. Whatever you choose, be sure to take plenty of before and after photographs to start your new portfolio of work off.

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