Jake Never Land Pirates: Never Land Rescue Review

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of reviewing a very magical DVD, “Jake Never Land Pirates: Never Land Rescue.” I was sent this DVD free of charge in exchange for my review.

This DVD includes, The Full-Length Adventure as well as a FREE Sword of Destiny with Glow-in-the-Dark Stickers. Plus 8 extra “Playing With Skully” Shorts. And as well as four great additional episodes. In this full length adventure, something quite peculiar is happening all over Never Land. All the magical things are disappearing! All of sudden Jake’s sword vanishes, then Izzy’s pixie dust, even all the directions on Cubby’s map being to slowly fade away!

Jake Never Land Pirates: Never Land Rescue

Jake the pirate and is trusty crew begin to realize that this is all happening because the dear Forever Tree, the source of magic in Never Land is getting old and dying. No need to worry, there is hope! Jake and his crew go on the Forever quest to get new pixie dust for Izzy, a new map for Cubby and of course a new sword for himself. All these new items have to be brought to the top of Mount Destiny by Sundown, in which they will help bring forth the new Forever Tree. And the one who saves the magic will get some of the magic from the new tree, making them the most powerful pirate in all of never Land!

Not only does Jake the pirate and his crew, Izzy and Chubby know this but the nasty, mean Captain Hook knows and want all this magic for himself. Can Jake get all three items by sundown before Captain Hook does?

The four additional episodes are:

  1. It’s Pirate Picnic! / The Key To Skull Rock
  2. 2. The Golden Twilight Treasure / Rock The Croc!
  3. 3. Jake and Sneaky Labeak! / Cubby The Brave!
  4. 4. Jake’s Special Delivery / SeaHorse Saddle-up!

My younger son and I were very thrilled to received this DVD package and get right to watching it. I personally have heard of Jake and the Neverland Pirates before but never took the time out to watch it. Of course I’m so busy I don’t exactly have time to watch kid shows all the time. Haha. But my son watches it and couldn’t wait to watch it. Especially knowing it had come with glow in the dark sticks and a cool sword. This DVD was filled with unforgettable music, adventure, exploration, friends, foes, and of course, MAGIC! I actually never knew that Peter Pan and Tinker Bell were in these, the name Never Land sounded so familiar! These two lovable characters made it more interesting. For being a kid’s show it had me on the edge of me seat. The characters are just great, different personalities that fit so well in the story, and Captain Hook is still devious as always. The 8 shorts were nice, a little extra added on so the fun was not quite over yet. These cartoons were different from the movie but I enjoyed them so did my son.

Film Clip: Never Land Waits For You

Film Clip: Forever Tree

The little parrot was cute and the cartoons felt like I was in it exploring with Skully. The running time is approximately 148 minutes, it is rate G, and is great for your little youngsters. They be occupied watching the DVD and will have great imaginative fun with the Sword of Destiny and Glow in the dark stickers!

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