Johnson’s Baby Gel Hacks For Everyday Use

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As you may know, Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel not just for babies anymore. Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel can be used in a number of useful ways and found at Walmart in the baby isle. You can use this product for everything from moisturizing, makeup remover, squeaker doors and more. Baby oil gel is only limited by your imagination. Here, however are the three most common ways we use it.

Best hand moisturizer for African American men

My husband is African American and has tried many different moisturizers on his hands, elbows, knees, toes and ankles. To only find that many do not work as they claim. Leaving his skin still dry and ashy looking. Anything he found that did work was just to pricey to constantly buy. Good moisturizer should not be so expensive or hard to find. Well that all changed one day a few years ago when my husband had given our little one a bath. After my sons bath my husband applied a new product I purchased at Walmart in that baby isle called Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel to our little one instead of baby lotion. My youngest had very dry skin when he was a baby so this was one of our go to products. Well a couple hours later on that afternoon I said to my husband “Wow babe what did you use for moisturizer on your hands they look so moisturized and soft”. He said nothing I just gave Jr a bath and rubbed the excess baby oil gel on my hands. That’s when we realized it was the Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel that made his hand look and feel so soft all day long. Since that day my husband has been using Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil Gel as his daily allover hand and body moisturizer. His hands no long get dry and ashy.  

Check out the Before and After photo of how good Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel works for really dry ashy skin. 

Johnson’s Baby Gel Hacks For Everyday Use

Johnson’s Baby Gel Hacks For Everyday Use

Quite a squeaky old cupboard. 

Use Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel to quite a squeaky cupboard by simple using a Q-tip or paper towel with baby oil gel applied to it. Them rub it in the hinges of the cupboard. Now open and close the cupboard and you will hear the squeaky noise disappear. 

Johnson’s Baby Gel Hacks For Everyday Use

Makeup Remover

Some makeup can be very difficult to remove. But not if you have Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel. If you have ever had an oil based makeup remover you already know how well they work. Well baby oil gel works the same, if not better. After a long day of wearing your makeup you can incorporate Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel in your nightly beauty regimen when removing your makeup. Simple apply baby oil gel to cotton balls and  apply to face. With every swipe you will see your makeup come off with ease.

Johnson’s Baby Gel Hacks For Everyday Use

For more amazing Johnson Baby hacks head on over to Pinterest! Comment below your favorite Johnson Baby hack.

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  1. It is just so amazing how many things baby oil is good for! I love this brand too – it’s great to have in the house! Love this!

  2. Dawn Gibson-Thigpen says

    johnson and johnson has some awesome products. my stepmom loves them

  3. I love Johnson & Johnson baby products. I still use some of them for myself. However, I have yet to check their baby gel.

  4. Good to know, ill have to use it on some squeeky stuff around the house!

  5. Shaney Vijendranath says

    I love their products. My family has been using it for years and now I am using it on my kids.

  6. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen says

    hmmm… I don’t think I’ve seen this baby oil gel but I would love to give it a try on dry skin.

  7. Some make up remover are greasy which I dont like because I have a sweaty skin type and the one Im using leaves my skin dry. I will check this one.

  8. Wildish Jess says

    Using oil to get make up off is the best. It’s so easy to do and so quick!

  9. Stephanie Jeannot says

    It really is great for our skin. Plus I love the scent of it. Such a great product.

  10. Melissa Dixon says

    I love their products and the lotion is the only thing that does not irritate when my skin is really inflamed. I love the smells too!

  11. Oyinkan Ogunleye says

    I’ve never really used Johnson & Johnson before. I like to keep things natural. Great post!

  12. LoveYouWedding says

    There’s a big difference. I grew up with their baby oil, but I haven’t tried the gel. I will look for this.

  13. Lisa Favre says

    I am so accustomed to getting dry skin – especially in the winter time. I should try the baby gel on my elbows.

  14. Victoria Heckstall says

    What a clever hacks for everyday use, this is amazing and I’ve never thought that before.

  15. My Teen Guide says

    I didn’t realized that johnson gel oil could be make up remover! That’s amazing hacks.

  16. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I need to pick up some Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil Gel. It has so many fantastic uses. My skin has been so dry from the cold weather.

  17. Joely Smith says

    It is amazing what this product can do! We have used and trusted Johnson and Johnson for three generations! Love it!

  18. This are awesome uses for baby gel! I will have to try using it as a makeup remover because my skin is so sensitive.

  19. Bill Sweeney says

    That is awesome. Anything that can do everything from make dry skin healthy to get rid of household squeaking is pretty amazing.

  20. Those are amazing results!! I have really dry skin and no matter how much lotion I put obit nwvee seems to be enough!! I’m going to give this a try!

  21. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says

    Thanks so much for sharing these! My husband gets incredibly dry skin during the winter. I think that’s the first hack I’m going to try.

  22. Tamara Bowman says

    My grandma always used to have me put this on up into my teens, after I got out of the shower. It definitely is great for dried out skin.

  23. Karrie Truman says

    I had no idea baby oil could be used for so much. I don’t think I’ve bought it in years. Interesting!

  24. Kita Bryant says

    I use baby oil for everything. Same with baking soda. I’m buying them constantly, ha!

  25. Wow, this product really works. Not a cream person myself, probably havent used the stuff since the days my mother slapped it all over me when I was a kid, but good write up 🙂

  26. Stephanie Pass says

    How interesting! I had no idea you could use it for a squeaky cupboard or as makeup remover.

  27. My hands get so dry in the winter. I’ve never thought of using Johnson & Johnson’s baby oil but I’m going to try now.

  28. These are awesome uses that I never would have thought of! I need to put it on my dry skin- it looks like it really helps.

  29. So many uses for the Johnson and Johnson Baby Oil gel. I really trust the Johnson and Johnson brand.

  30. I love using baby products on my skin. I have been buying baby oils and lotions for twenty years. They work great.

  31. Susan Guinto says

    I’ve also had dry skin before and I felt like lotion and other moisturizers just don’t seem to work. Tried this as well and it’s done wonders to my skin. 🙂

  32. I never knew there were so many other uses for the baby oil! I have always used it for dry skin, but I like knowing there are other uses!

  33. I never knew that baby oil can do all this! I am definitely going to buy it and use it for my make up because stuff I use now does not work that well.

  34. Johnson and Johnson for us has never been just about babies. We have their baby oil and use it all the time on our rough and dry skin. Especially during the winter time.

  35. Alli Smith says

    I didn’t know the Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil Gel could do all these things! I love that it can fix a squeaky hinge and remove makeup.

  36. robin Rue says

    I will check out their baby oil gel for sure. My skin is SO dry right now and it really needs help!

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