Juicers for the Gerson Cancer Therapy

The patients of Gerson Cancer have to drink upto 13 glasses of raw, organic, fresh juices daily. As one cannot digest that much produce in ONE Day, the juices have to be devoid of all the bulk and fiber so as to get quickly digested. At the same time, the maximum number of enzymes and nutrients must be retained in the juice. The Gerson juices are completely pulp free and smooth so as to ensure optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Here we enlist the BEST juicers for the Gerson Cancer patients so that the juice requirement can be handled the BEST way.

What types of Juicers are required for Gerson Patients?

  • The Gerson Cancer Therapy will require a Two Step machine having a Grinder and a Hydraulic Press.
  • The Grinder will generate the fine, moist pup out of the Vegetable you want to juice and the Hydraulic Press will extract the Juice from the pulp by applying a High Pressure to it.
  • Dr. Gerson found that it is essential to do GRINDING prior PRESSING.
  • Also the pulp of different fruits and vegetables should be mixed and then pressed together as the malic acid in apples will allow for release of MORE Minerals.
  • Hence, the juicer for Gerson Patients should a two step machine. Also the contents are NOT subjected to electric or thermal exposure which keeps the fresh healing enzymes INTACT.

We have shortlisted two juicers from the multitude of other juicers available in the market which are the BEST ones for Gerson Patients: The Champion Juicer with Separate Hydraulic Press and The Norwalk.

We will explain them one by one:

  1.  Champion Juicer:


  • It is basically a masticating juicer which is used to produce the pulp. And hence you have to buy a Separate Hydraulic Press to extract the juice from the pulp.
  • This one would cost you around 550 – 650 $ for both machines.
  • You must note that you CANNOT use the Champion Juicer alone for the Gerson Patients as it is a Masticating Juicer which will combine GRINDING and PRESSING and thus yields a pulpier juice, that too in low quantity.
  • While using the Champion Juicer for Gerson Therapy, you have to remove the screen which is used to press the juice.
  • Then feed the pulp to the Hydraulic Press to extract a fine and smooth juice.

Though, the Champion Juicer is a good juicer but the usage, handling and cleaning of two machines that too for 13 times a day will be an overload. So, we suggest another one:

  1. The Norwalk:


  • This juicer is the king of the Juicers Market with the most effective grinding and pressing functions. The new juicer will cost you around 2500$ which is quite an amount. So, you can also go for the used ones which can cost you much less.
  • This juicer may be costly, but one must take into account that a single efficient juicer can yield More Juice using Less produce as compared to other Juicers in the market.
  • After the juicing, you can see that the pulp left out is almost dry as the Norwalk Juicer has already extracted all the juice and nutrients.
  • So, in the long run, this juicer will cost you less in the terms of your grocery bills and you would end up saving your money.

Juicers for Non – Malignant Gerson Therapy:

  • The patients with Non – Malignant Cancer or the healthy people who want to have juices for juts enhancing their health need not NECESSARILY go for TWO STAGE juicers.
  • They can use the Masticating Juicers as alternatives as they keep the enzyme activity intact and extract sufficient amount of juice from the produce.
  • Few Suggested ones are: the Champion, Green Star, Omega and Angel.

Juicers for Citrus Fruits:

  • The citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruit won’t require TWO STEP juicers. They can be juiced using a manual or electric REAMER juicer.
  • While juicing the citrus fruits, one should avoid the skin of the fruits as it contains aromatic oils that will interfere with the therapy.

The other types of juicers such as blenders, centrifugal juicers and liquefiers etc. are unsuitable for the Gerson Patients. Also the wheatgrass juicers are unsuitable for Gerson Therapy as they are used for juicing chlorophyll rich produce which is harsh on Gerson patients’ stomach.

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